EY Darden Executive Programme - New Zealand

  • EY Darden Program
  • Led in partnership with EY in New Zealand, this program challenges you to push your limits in leadership and management. It will equip you to perform more effectively in your current role, and broaden your perspective to prepare for future challenges by shifting your thinking and approaches to work and life issues.

  • At a Glance

    Learn alongside a peer group collectively solving real-life business issues. Small group work is reinforced by individual readings and dynamic classroom sessions in a campus environment. Participants learn new techniques, concepts and theories that will help them manage their current role more effectively, while the total experience prepares the executive for broader responsibilities in the future. Networking and learning alongside some of New Zealand's emerging and current leaders is then sustained by joining an active lifelong alumni group of top executives.


    Specific objectives which should be achieved by participants include:

    • Improving understanding of the global and New Zealand environment and the commercial impact.
    • Improving understanding of the way in which leaders of private and public organizations manage their businesses.
    • Gaining new concepts, techniques and knowledge to enhance performance.
    • Sharpening analytical and decision-making skills; improving communication skills at board and executive management level.
    • Building capabilities and confidence for the customer servicing and leadership opportunities during the next decade.
    • Sharing the ideas and experiences of a diverse group of executives.

    A once in a lifetime experience to do a micro-MBA in New Zealand, facilitated by absolutely world class teachers and share the collective wisdoms of 50-odd of New Zealand’s best and brightest young leaders. Not to be missed!

    Andrew Blakey, General Manager, Navman Technology NZ


    The program comprises four major topics:

    Strategy, Leadership, Change

    • Strategic thinking
    • Building competitive advantage
    • Industry analysis
    • Forecasting environmental trends
    • Strategy identification and evaluation
    • Creating and sustaining the high performance organization
    • Building strategic capabilities
    • Service excellence
    • Supplier relationships


    • Leading strategic change
    • Principle-centered leadership
    • Strategic implementation

    Global Political Economy

    • International and New Zealand trends
    • Global economy
    • National and industry competitive advantage
    • International competitiveness
    • Global strategy and leadership
    • Corporate culture as a source of competitive advantage
    • Global competition and strategic intent


    • Entrepreneurial thinking and mind-set
    • What makes entrepreneurs entrepreneurial?
    • Entrepreneurship and firm growth
    • Entrepreneurship and regional development
    • Leading entrepreneurially
    • Entrepreneurship and change

    Special Features
    Participants will also particularly benefit from:

    • Actual business situations set forth in carefully prepared studies
    • Specific New Zealand case studies and presentations
    • Total faculty commitment, an integral part of the Darden faculty philosophy


    The program is designed for outstanding individuals who demonstrate a keen interest in self-development and possess a strong desire to assume positions of higher responsibility. Participants should have:

    • Attained, or be about to attain, a position as general manager or functional division head, involved with general management issues.
    • Demonstrated significant managerial achievement and potential for further development.
    • Endorsement from senior management within their organization to attend the program.
    • EY reserves the right to approve applications after taking into consideration the criteria above and the need to balance participation from all sectors of the economy.
    • Enrollment is limited to 54 participants.


    Alan Beckenstein

    Professor of Business Administration
    Professor Beckenstein is the Area Coordinator for the Global Economies and Markets group at The Darden School. His areas of specialization include global economies and markets and business-government relations. With his research and teaching also encompassing regulation issues and global competition Alan also consults to government agencies and international corporations. Prior to joining the Darden Faculty, Alan was a research associate of the Brookings Institution and was a management consultant. Alan demystifies economics and provides strong links between the theory and practical experiences for those in business and government. Alan has been a regular visitor to New Zealand and has widely consulted with New Zealand business leaders and Government over the last two decades.

    Alec Horniman

    Killgallon Ohio Art Professor of Business Administration, Senior Fellow, Olsson Center for Applied Ethics
    His current teaching and research interests are in the areas of strategy, leadership and change, high performance business and the moral and ethical issues in leadership. Prior to joining Darden, Alec worked in the Military and in the aerospace industry. He has also served as a special consultant to the Secretary of Defence. Alec has a long-standing relationship with New Zealand business and Government organisations. He is passionate about leading for high performance and positively challenges the status quo.

    Professor Geoffrey Lewis PhD

    Professorial Fellow - Strategy at Melbourne Business School, The University of Melbourne, former faculty member at Darden
    Geoff consults to leading corporations in Australia, North America, Europe and Asia in addition to his teaching and research activities and has conducted major strategic reviews for a broad range of organisations. Geoff's association with the EY Executive Programme has been long-standing and his significant academic and business related experiences are practical and timely for New Zealand organisations.

    Professor Sankaran Venkataraman

    MasterCard Professor of Business Administration, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Research
    Teaches, researches and consults in the areas of Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics. In 2008, the Entrepreneurship Division of the Academy of Management recognised his research as foundational to the field. Prior to joining the Darden team he was part of a group that created and developed a highly successful new business venture with Fortune 500 companies as well as with several small companies. His experiences and entrepreneurial background are very relevant to the New Zealand environment.

    Location & Accommodations

    This program is held at the Huka Falls Resort in Taupo, New Zealand. All participants will have lodging and meals at the resort. 

    Participants should arrive at the Huka Falls Resort by midday on Saturday, 5 March (full directions included in pre-course information pack). Program concludes late Friday, 18 March and participants should plan to depart on Saturday, 19 March.

    Tuition & Certificates

    $19,500 New Zealand dollars (plus GST) covers tuition, course materials, accommodations and meals at the Huka Falls Resort.

    Participants graduate with a joint Darden Executive Education and EY qualification, which will count towards Darden's Certificate in Management.

    Contact Us

    For more information or to apply to the program, please contact one of the EY or Darden team members below:

    Joanna Doolan -   joanna.doolan@nz.ey.com
    Nicola Barrett - barrettn@darden.virginia.edu