Student Stories: Global Residencies

  • Darden's Global Executive MBA: The International Residency

    "My name is Dan Baker. I’m the NGO Global Programs Director at Accenture Development Partnerships, a not-for-profit consulting group within the center. I’m here in São Paulo as part of our first international residency for the Global Executive MBA Program of the Darden School of Business. 

    The two weeks that we have together is an intense period of time that’s probably worth two months of interaction with our professors and classmates because we are learning together, we’re having breakfast together, we’re studying into the wee hours of the morning together, and of course we’re going out together so it’s an amazing time. It’s also a great opportunity for those of us who have offices here in the local market. I’ve had the opportunity to meet with my colleagues here in the São Paulo office. I’ve already met with a couple clients that we plan to work with and I’m going to do that in the continuing residencies that we have in China, India, and Europe, so it’s a great proposition for my company as well for me to build those connections with organizations here.

    I think for those who don’t have companies or divisions here in the local market, it’s an opportunity for them to connect with potential employers, to work on potential deals that they’re exploring from an entrepreneurial perspective. There’s a really great aspect of learning the core MBA principles of accounting, global economics, and finance and then applying that in the local context. What a great opportunity to do that through Darden."

    — Dan Baker (GEMBA '14)