Student Stories: Life Outside the Classroom

  • Global Leadership Explorations: Applying GEMBA Outside the Classroom

    "The format of the residency in GEMBA, specifically here in Brazil, is really interesting.  We’re in that mindset now where being part of the Global Executive MBA program and being part of a relatively new cohort is that we have a ton of agility in shaping the curriculum.

    One of the things that we’ve been really interested in and excited to take part in is what’s happening outside the classroom.  What we’re doing is laying the foundation with classes like global markets, financial accounting, and leadership principles,and then we’re bringing in local executives to then talk to us about their application here in São Paulo. 

    The trips that we have during this first week before we go to Rio are things like going to visit the Brazilian Stock Exchange, which recently went public and is one of the largest in the world.  We got to have a crash course in the way that they think of the securitization of their assets and the overall trading in a growth market.  We’re also visiting Embraer and Johnson & Johnson, one of the largest airlines here in Brazil as well as an American multi-national operating outside of its own borders.  These are individual assignments and also individual trips that we can associate with having some type of semblance in the states, but how is a country like Brazil thinking about those same business endeavors?  We’re really excited to see how that takes place."

    — Jordan Sorkin (GEMBA '14)