• Mentors, Coaches & Connectors

  • Our faculty members are much more than teachers.

    They are deeply committed to your personal and professional development, both during your time at Darden and throughout your career. They aren’t just high achievers. They care about students. And they prove it in many ways, including:

    • Keeping open-door policies
    • Hosting dinners and events for students outside of class
    • Mentoring students in their academic and career plans
    • Remaining in contact with alumni years after graduation
    • Joining students in playing sports, such as basketball, cricket and poker

    They know your time is valuable, and they will go the extra distance as your teacher, coach and mentor to ensure that you gain new ideas, knowledge and skills. They want to see you grow personally and professionally.

    Darden professors also work together to present an integrated curriculum. Class conversations are often guided by more than one professor, from different academic fields, to ensure that you understand a business situation from multiple points of view.

    Your growth is what matters. That’s why we have the most satisfied students in the world. Darden is the only B-school in the U.S. to score in the top 20th percentile of Bloomberg Businessweek’s student satisfaction surveys over 24 years for exceptional teaching.