Global Leadership Explorations

  • A major component of each term in the University of Virginia Darden Global MBA for Executive (GEMBA) program is the inclusion of a series of courses called Global Leadership Explorations (GLEs). These field experiences and non-classroom activities are vital to learning about new countries, cultures, norms and institutions. They bring to life and deepen the academic learning that happens in the classroom.

    Global Leadership Explorations will:

    1. Be continuous across the terms with a similar format and structure, yet customized for the location, term theme and course topics.
    2. Involve learning activities before, during and after each residency.
    3. Be interdisciplinary and cross functional in nature.
    4. Represent opportunities to expand and personalize course content.

    The array of activities, classes and experiences will vary depending upon what students need to know in order to be fully versed in the all aspects of the residency location.

    Student Testimonials

    Dan Baker

    “Each new Global Leadership Explorations course activity brought with it a new personal reflection. Our visit to the BM&F BOVESPA Stock Exchange was no exception. We were fortunate to have a detailed presentation on the exchange as well as a tour of 'the floor' that once housed busy traders and is now a powerful depiction of state-of-the-art digital trading. Spending time at the exchange made me stop and appreciate the world of finance and business opportunity that grows so vastly once outside our normal confines.” - Dan Baker (GEMBA '14)

    Jordan Sorkin

    In the following video, Jordan Sorkin (GEMBA '14) talks about how the GLE activities enable students to apply what they learn in the classroom to real business situations:

    Video: Faculty Perspective on Global Leadership Explorations

    Learn more by watching Professor Lynn Isabella talk about the GLEs: