South Africa Residency

  • New this year is the South Africa global residency. While the course details are still being finalized, here are some of the themes you can expect to explore during your week in South Africa:

    Diversity: Engage in the trials and triumphs of socioeconomic and human diversity with a visit to Soweto, which is the home of Nelson Mandela, and the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg.  Experience the extremes of life in and around Cape Town.  Whether through strategic leadership discussions with corporate executives, agriculture tours in the surrounding wine region, stories of people of surviving in townships outside of Cape Town, or tours of Robben Island led by former prisoners, embrace the beauty of the Rainbow Nation and its struggles.

    Local Business Practices: Observe strategic leadership discussions with corporate executives at SAB-Miller discussing strategic growth and globalization; explore sustainable agriculture practices and issues in the surrounding wine region,

    Entrepreneurial Empowerment: Interact with entrepreneurs in impoverished areas of Cape Town.  Consider the role of business in addressing the social challenges surrounding poverty, education, and healthcare that are intertwined with the complex historical and current politics of South Africa.

    Infrastructure: Learn how to innovate in an environment with large infrastructure investment needed and substantial government involvement from executive as Vodacom. Learn about communication needs across a vast and primarily rural South Africa.

    Foreign Direct Investment: Consider the strategic implications to South African and foreign multinational corporations in the post-Apartheid world.

    Sustainability: Consider how to create sustainable economic growth with depleting natural resources, such as water, as well as cheap labor resources.