Global Advisory Council

  • The mission of the Darden School Dean’s Global Advisory Council is to help Darden deliver on the following goals: build a critical mass of leaders, executives and managers within established, growing and emerging economies; to strengthen Darden's influence on business and society worldwide; and to grow the recognition of the Darden brand in key regions of the world. 

    Members 2019-20


    Ro King (MBA '91)
    Managing Director, K&B Fund

    Vice Chair

    Naresh Kumra (MBA '99) 
    Managing Director and CEO, JMATEK Limited
    Hong Kong

    Marcos P. Arruda (MBA '02)
    Chief Financial Officer, Topico

    Jennifer E. Chick (MBA '08)
    Vice President, Global Marketing & Digital, Hilton Worldwide
    United States

    Christine H. Davies (MBA '09)
    Founder and CEO, Poligage
    United States

    David R. Frediani
    President, Ironshore Inc.
    United States

    Janeth Gomez Gualdron (GEMBA '17)
    Senior Business Manager, Capital One Financial Management
    United States

    Wei Jin (MBA '99)
    Managing Director, Prudential Financial Inc.

    Shawn Liu (MBA '05)
    Investment Director, Shanghai Cura Investment & Management Co. Ltd
    United States

    Richard K. Loh (MBA '96)
    Co-founder and CEO, The Ploh Group Pte. Ltd.

    Todd R. Marin (MBA '89)
    Hong Kong

    Lois M. McEntyre (MBA '05)
    Director, OnStar, General Motors Corp.
    United States

    Rajan J. Mehra (MBA '93)
    Co-Founder & Managing Director, Nirvana Venture Advisors

    Nikhil Nath (MBA '00)
    Managing Director, Standard Chartered Bank

    Agustin Otero Monsegur (MBA '06)
    Managing Partner, OM Invest

    Pascal Monteiro de Barros (MBA '91)
    Head of Investor Relations & Business Development, Stirling Square Capital Partners
    United Kingdom

    Anton U. Periquet Jr. (MBA '90)
    Chair of Pacific Main Holdings and the Campden Hill Group

    Hagen Radowski (MBA '91)
    President and CEO, MHP Americas Inc.
    United States

    Yudhono Rawis (GEMBA '16)
    Partner, Head of M&A and Capital Advisor, KPMG Indonesia

    Mayra A. Rocha (GEMBA '16)
    Senior Manager of Strategy, Univision
    United States

    Arpan R. Sheth (MBA '96)
    Partner, Bain & Co. Inc.
    United States

    Nishal Sodha (GEMBA '17)
    Managing Director, Global Hardware Limited

    Ichiro Suzuki (MBA '84)

    Joaquin Rodriguez Torres (MBA '01)
    Managing Partner, Princeville Global
    Hong Kong

    Alok Vaish (MBA '97)
    Chief Financial Officer,

    Jing Vivatrat
    Head of Strategy, Asia Pacific, Angel Island Capital
    United States

    Baocheng Yang (MBA '04)
    Provost and CFO, Huanghe Science and Technology College

    Jeffrey J. Yao (MBA '01)
    Managing Director, Profision Shipping Capital Management Ltd. 
    United Kingdom

    Hai Ye (MBA '04)
    Partner, McKinsey & Company