Results That Matter

  • Organizations come to us with their strategic business problems, and we solve them by developing their leaders and designing blueprints for organizational performance.

    Darden’s customized solutions have been instrumental in solving tough challenges and delivering results.

  • Enterprise Leadership

    Manage your organization's talent.

    Darden helps you develop your talent to drive value creation and improve competitiveness. Partner with us to build and sustain the systems, practices and processes that contribute to ongoing commitment, involvement and accountability. 

    Prepare your leaders for senior roles and develop succession planning.

    Darden works with you to ready your talent for end-to-end business accountability. We broaden your talent’s capabilities; change the way they think to ignite innovative solutions to timeworn problems; and increase their understanding of how all functions relate so they can act decisively from an enterprise perspective. 

    Transition technical contributors to managers.

    Darden prepares your leaders to excel in cross-functional business areas, including strategy, leadership, finance, marketing and more. As a result, you'll build a robust pipeline of managers and leaders with enterprise perspective.

    Build a high-performance team and foster team-based, collaborative cultures.

    Create a culture of high performance based on collaboration, and build teams that can thrive in challenging conditions and rapid change.

    Foster the strengths and address the challenges of female leaders.

    Your leaders will examine issues beyond moving up the ladder of corporate hierarchy and hone their skills as highly effective, visionary leaders.



    Create and manage a strong global organization.

    Gain efficiencies in practices and processes, to create a common point of view and a common culture, and to break down silos. 

    Gain a global mindset.

    Your leaders will broaden their perspective to include a worldwide view, including emerging economies, understanding diverse markets and thriving in the global economic landscape. 

    Growth and Innovation

    Grow your business organically or through mergers and acquisitions.

    In the pursuit of innovative growth, leadership matters. We focus on the essential role your leaders play in creating growth through innovation — it prepares them to act, overcome obstacles and continuously improve.

    They will learn that growth results from experimenting and learning from both successes and failures. Your leaders will learn to operate in traditional structures of efficiency and profitability, overcoming structural constraints and organizational inertia to generate dramatic growth. 

    Create an innovative culture and find new approaches to timeworn problems.

    Darden helps leaders successfully address thorny business problems, the impact of which are intensified by the complexity and uncertainty of the global marketplace. Using a business challenge centered approach, leaders will learn Darden’s design thinking framework for innovative problem-solving.  

    Prepare your organization to achieve and handle rapid growth.

    Providing an opportunity to step out of the "day-to-day" to gain new insights, develop new perspectives and hone leadership and business skills can be critical for executives in companies growing so fast they can't keep up. By working with faculty in a range of disciplines, we help you and your executive team become more strategic, act rather than react, sort out who your ideal customers are and put in place the people and processes that will keep you growing profitably.


    Develop a strategic mindset.

    Become more sophisticated in exercising strategic judgment for your team and organization, especially regarding global economic and competitive forces. Ask the right questions, use appropriate frameworks and jump from “analysis paralysis” to action. 

    Execute strategies.

    Develop your leaders’ capabilities to operate from an enterprise perspective, lead change, and help them determine ways to enable fast execution of the new strategy.  

    Develop financial acumen.

    Your leaders will learn essential financial terminology, concepts and applications. They will be able to analyze and interpret commonly used financial information in making business decisions and work more effectively with key stakeholders.  

    Market Focus

    Understand your customer and inspire loyalty.

    Your organization's adeptness in understanding markets and creating, capturing and sustaining customer value determines your growth and its sustainability. We focus on a solid grounding in marketing management and strategy, helping participants enhance the profitability and position of your organization amidst continuous change in the markets and technologies.

    Translate "big data" into actionable strategies.

    Organizations have ever-increasing access to data on customers, competitors, channel partners and their own activities, such as advertising. Your leaders can use analytics to translate "big data" into actionable strategies will be the winners in this environment.   

    Create a culture of sales.

    Effective sales leaders must understand the concepts crucial to victory in the contemporary marketplace, including effectiveness and efficiency of the sales force, major account and market segment strategies, and tracking performance. Your sales leaders will learn to achieve sustainable, long-term growth by aligning sales activities with the strategic goals of the firm, learning how to manage the tension that exists between marketing and sales, linking one's go-to-market strategy with the overall organizational strategy, and learning how best to develop comprehensive sales strategies.