Custom Online Solutions

  • Custom Online Courses 1Darden custom solutions bring cutting-edge technology into every learning experience. During online or hybrid programs, our professors use a wide array of technology-enhanced learning tools, such as interactive simulations, to engage participants in real-world exercises.

    Our learning experiences feature compelling digital content to complement the curriculum, including multimedia case studies published by Darden Business Publishing and private virtual learning webinars for clients as part of our learning plan, covering both essential knowledge factors and follow-up knowledge.

    Your participants can seamlessly access digital program materials on a user-friendly internal portal system, including case studies, faculty notes, PowerPoint presentations, videos, simulation materials and other client-specific resources. Darden facilities include a fully equipped production studio and video-conferencing platform, which incorporates the latest in digital technology. Need to film for feedback and coaching sessions on a virtual basis? We've got it covered.