Developing Leadership Capability in the Corporate Aviation Function

  • Discover solutions to traditional and emerging challenges unique to aviation, strategies to execute long-lasting growth and evolution in your business, and the qualities that set powerful leaders apart. 

    • Manage changing international regulations, safety concerns and expanding operations.
    • Facilitate communication between aviation experts, management and the teams that support them.
    • Design effective, flexible organizational structures for your flight department.
  • Program Overview

    As part of Darden's trio of aviation-centered programs, this course provides corporate aviation leaders like you invaluable opportunities to:

    • Study success stories from your field to discover real-life solutions to industry challenges and the principles of powerful leadership.
    • Analyze and improve operational systems and cross-functional performance.
    • Develop your customized growth plan to advance your career as you steer a more adept and profitable business.

    National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) members receive 10% program discount.

    Outcomes & Impact

    • Integrate your aviation-specific development strategy with corporate objectives and long-term goals.
    • Employ leadership best practices for more efficient and profitable operations.
    • Settle cross-functional conflict and move disparate groups toward a shared vision.
    • Inspire and encourage growth among members of your organization's flight department.


    Complete this program to earn one credit toward a Certificate in Management. Earn three additional credits in a four-year period to receive your certificate.

    Completion of the program also provides a way for participants to earn initial or recertification Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) credit.


      This program is designed for chief pilots and executives with aviation department responsibilities who want to maximize their impact across their organizations. It is especially helpful for leaders who want to grow beyond "one-size-fits-all" management and develop the competitive insights and habits to flourish in their industry.

      LCA participants


      Mark Haskins

      Mark E. Haskins

      Professor of Business Administration

      Lynn Isabella

      Lynn Isabella

      Associate Professor of Business Administration


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      Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

      As a participant in this program,accommodations are most meals are included in your program fee.