Leading Mindfully

  • Leading Mindfully
  • Increase your effectiveness as a leader and grow your capacity for self-management so you can engage and communicate more mindfully, generating more effective personal and organizational results.

    • Be more present so you can focus on the right priorities for yourself and your organization.

    • Connect within yourself and others to attain a greater sense of clarity and flow, and use this new awareness to be a more effective leader.

    • Act and communicate with more intention.

  • Program Overview

    Morven Farms arch Embark on a personal leadership journey that begins with a virtual group meeting, then travel to a unique residential program at Morven- a secluded retreat destination for critical thinking and reflection. Located just outside of Charlottesville, Morven is the ideal setting for participants to learn together in one of University of Virginia's historic houses, as well as to spend time on their own in the meditation gardens.

    • Bring your own personal leadership challenges to the program, so your experience will address your individual needs.

    • Identify and transform personal triggers and habits of attention that influence your ability to take action.

    • Engage in exercises - inspired by meditation, yoga, improvisation and acting - all designed for to help you observe your own leadership in action.

    • Follow-up with a virtual group meeting to help sustain your learning and behavior change.

    Outcomes & Impact

    • Incorporate daily, practical methods for centering yourself and projecting a leadership presence that rings true in you and with others.

    • Create a mindful organizational culture and impact within your team.

    • Increase your resilience and ability to self-manage.

    • Engage and communicate more effectively.


    The Leading Mindfully program counts as one credit toward a Darden Certificate in Leadership . Complete this program and earn three additional credits for a total of four credits within a four-year period to earn your certificate.


    This program is designed for those who need to increase resilience, reduce stress, and better manage themselves, and thereby become more self-aware, engaged and effective leaders at any level.

    Leading Mindfully Participants


    Elizabeth Powell

    Associate Professor of Business Administration, Darden School of Business
    Kluge Endowed Chair, UVA School of Nursing 
    Powell is a consultant, facilitator, instructor and coach with a focus on mindful leadership, resilience, leadership presence and corporate communication. Powell has worked with numerous national and international businesses, organizations, and universities to promote healthy work environments, improve organizational results and manage organization-wide change.

    Jeremy Hunter

    Associate Professor of Business Administration, Drucker School of Management, Claremont Graduate University
    Hunter serves as the Founding Director of The Executive Mind Leadership Institute and has designed and led leadership development programs for a wide variety of organizations. He works with participants to  create a "culture of calm", resulting in more effective team performance as well as creating better firm-wide solutions.


    Morven (daily sessions) & Marriott Charlottesville (lodging)
    Charlottesville, VA

    Hosted at  UVA Morven, a educationally-focused retreat center that invites innovation and self-reflection. As a participant, you'll stay in a private room at the Marriott, adjacent to Charlottesville's Downtown Pedestrian Mall. Accommodations are included in your program fee.