Managing the Corporate Aviation Function

  • Develop the industry insights, management techniques and hands-on experience you need to become a high-performance leader in corporate aviation.

    • Cultivate a broad view of the corporate aviation function's impact on organizational goals and profit.
    • Blend best practices with practical considerations around aircraft acquisition, maintenance, equipment technology updates, and budget management.
    • Audit operational performance to provide meaningful feedback to direct reports and upper management.
    • Practice building trust and collaboration among team members with diverse responsibilities. 
  • Program Overview

    As part of Darden's trio of aviation-centered programs, this course provides corporate aviation leaders like you invaluable opportunities to:

    • Uncover solutions to traditional and emerging challenges - particularly budgeting, financial management, and maintaining performance and operational standards among direct reports.
    • Make the most of your capital budget, reviewing alternative financing methods and your options for chartering, leasing, fractional ownership, and outright purchase of aircraft to provide the necessary flight hours for your business.
    • Interpret annual reports and financial statements, analyze the business case for corporate aviation and explore various cost allocation techniques, including user charge-back methods, so you can better manage the expense to profit margin of your department.
    • Make an informed capital budgeting business case for new aircraft.

    National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) members receive 10% program discount.

      Outcomes & Impact

      • Broaden your perspective so you can make more competitive and strategic choices.
      • Learn to speak the language of aviation finance, to analyze capital budgets, and to make smarter allocation decisions.
      • Gain a comprehensive set of analytical techniques for realizing greater cost savings or improved service while providing necessary flight hours.
      • Discover your personal management style and how to inspire both aviation and corporate reports.


      Managing the Corporate Aviation Function counts as one credit toward a Certificate in Management. Complete this program and earn three additional credits in a four-year period to earn your certificate.

      Completion of the program also provides a way for participants to earn initial or recertification Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) credit.


      This program is designed for aspiring and experienced leaders in the aviation industry, from chief pilots to maintenance managers to executives. It will be useful to managers who want to update or expand their ability to build savvier budgets, negotiate equipment acquisition more effectively or learn new techniques for improving their bottom line.

      CAF participants


      Mark Haskins

      Mark E. Haskins

      Professor of Business Administration

      Lynn Isabella

      Associate Professor of Business Administration 

      June A. West

      Assistant Professor of Business Administration


      Darden School of Business
      100 Darden Blvd
      Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

      As a participant in this program, accommodations and most meals are included in your program fee.