Strategic Data Analytics for Leaders

  • Harness the power of data analytics to surface opportunity, guide innovation, and frame complex decisions.

    • Forecast probable outcomes of choices in unstable environments, and quantify risks and rewards.
    • Hone your awareness of what matters to your bottom line, and transition from intuitive to data-driven thinking.
    • Learn to recognize your unconscious preferences, and practice using logic to make smarter, healthier and more profitable decisions.
  • Program Overview

    Lead your organization to leverage a strategic data analytics function to create exceptional value for your organization. Leverage powerful tools and techniques in data science--such as artificial intelligence and machine learning--to become more competitive and dynamic in the face of constant disruption.

    Extract Value from Data Analytics

    • Learn what it takes to develop a culture based on analytics and when intuition plays a part
    • Understand how to frame complex decisions to facilitate the use of analytics
    • Use analytics to drive innovation

    Increase Confidence in Forecasting

    • Use data visualization to enhance understanding of results and projections
    • Understand how machine learning can improve accuracy forecasting capability
    • Feel more confident in your organization's forecasting methods and processes

    Gain Competitive Advantage
    Map out your data analytics ecosystem, from business intelligence to competitive monitoring and determine how to apply them to key decision-making, such as your pricing strategy. Learn which data analytics tools best serve your needs. 

    • Recognizing the opportunities created by high volume and real time data
    • Gathering intelligence for competitive advantage
    • Responding in real time to market changes

      Outcomes & Impact

      • Closing the loop: from challenge to data analytics to solution(s)
      • Leveraging and Building an effective Data Analytics team
      • Overcoming organizational obstacles to the effective use of analytics


      Strategic Data Analytics for Leaders counts as one credit toward a Certificate in Management . Complete this program and earn three additional credits in a four-year period to earn your certificate.


      This program is designed for leaders who need to leverage data science to make their organization more competitive, identify opportunity and improve the quality of their decision-making amidst uncertainty and risk.

      SDM participants


      Robert L. Carraway

      Associate Professor of Business Administration

      Carraway is an authority on the appropriate and constructive use of quantitative analysis in making important decisions. He focuses on the relationship between intuition and rational analysis and how the two can complement one another, as well as on the role analysis can play in innovating more effectively and efficiently.

      Michael Albert

      Michael Albert

      Assistant Professor of Business Administration

      Albert's research focuses on combining machine learning and algorithmic techniques to automate the design of markets. His work has appeared in leading artificial intelligence and machine learning venues such as the  Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) and the  International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI).


      Darden School of Business
      100 Darden Blvd.
      Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

      As a participant in this program, accommodations and most meals are included in your program fee.