• Most business challenges involve several functional units within a company. They cross the value chain and often span the globe. Darden’s MBA for Executives curriculum is designed to help you develop a CEO’s perspective — to help you lead, act and communicate with an understanding of how all areas of a company interrelate.

    To develop a broadened perspective, class conversations are often guided by more than one professor. The discussions illustrate how points of view between disciplines may interact and even conflict. This big-picture thinking is one reason Financial Times named Darden the #1 business school in the world in general management.

    Videos: Developing the CEO’s Perspective

    Aaron Fernstrom (GEMBA '15) discusses how Darden's "Enterprise Perspective" course was immediately applicable in his role as a venture capitalist.

    Dana McNamara (GEMBA '14) discusses how the program impacted her role at Sands Capital Management.

    Hunter Trumbo, (EMBA '12), talks about how Darden's emphasis on the CEO's enterprise perspective helped make him a more effective manager and leader.