• At Darden, we believe all business is global. The Darden School connects with over 80 countries each year through a variety of avenues, and all students are expected to have a global experience during their time at Darden. Both Executive MBA (EMBA) and Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) students participate in global residencies during their course of study. However, they may also choose to enroll in a Darden Worldwide Course to further expand their understanding of global business.

    What is the difference between a Global Residency and a Darden Worldwide Course?

    Global residencies take place during the Executive MBA Program’s core curriculum. A typical global residency day includes three case method classes, guest speakers or company visits, and some cultural experiences.

    Darden Worldwide Courses are electives and often explore a particular theme in a specific location. While case method classes take place in some Darden Worldwide Courses, students typically spend most of their time visiting companies, hearing from speakers and exploring the local culture.

    Both global residencies and Darden Worldwide Courses are led by Darden faculty.

    How much do the Global Residencies and Darden Worldwide Courses cost?

    EMBA students participate in one of the four week-long global residencies. GEMBA students participate in all four global residencies. Participation in required global residencies is included in program tuition for EMBA and GEMBA students. EMBA format students may participate in a second global residency, pending space availability, and there is an extra charge of typically $3,500 for a second global residency. All students are responsible for their travel arrangements to and from the global residency locations.

    Darden Worldwide Courses are electives and require students to pay an additional fee to cover logistical expenses of running the courses (approximately $3500 to $4000).

    Where could I go on a Darden Worldwide Course?

    The offerings change each year depending on student interest and faculty availability. Here are some examples of past Darden Worldwide Course offerings for executive format students:

    Japan: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

    January 2018
    Led by Professors Marc Modica and Shizuka Modica

    Students will gain first-hand experience with Japanese culture and be exposed to how Japanese businesses combine tradition and innovation. Participants will witness how a variety of companies organize their innovative activities and will consider how the Japanese heritage can serve as either a constraint or a competitive advantage. Such insights will be developed through meetings with entrepreneurs, established businesses, government representatives, and professional organizations across Japan.

    Global Leadership in Brazil

    January 2019
    Led by Professor Lynn Isabella

    This course is designed to help you understand how to adjust your managing and leading in different parts of the world, in this case, Brazil. Our goal is to help you understand the unique political and corporate environment for doing business in Brazil, consider what is the same and different about leading in Brazil, learn from leaders in situ, identify how your own persona leadership might need to change in this environment. In addition to discussing cases based on companies in Brazil or Latin/South America, we will have guest speakers from prominent Brazil businesses, visits to companies doing business in Brazil and experience the rich culture of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

    What do other executive format students say about the Darden Worldwide Courses?

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