• Distance learning in the University of Virginia Darden School of Business Executive MBA (EMBA) and Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) formats helps you maintain work life balance as you integrate your studies into your professional and personal life. In between residencies, these engaging online classes keep you connected with the academic experience as well as the Darden community.

    What does distance learning include?

    Approximately one-third of the program core curriculum is delivered via distance learning in the following ways:

    Online Classes

    Like every aspect of the program, your online classes are high-engagement experiences. The Zoom Meeting technology allows you to

    • Interact with your faculty and fellow classmates by sharing screens
    • Writing in comments and questions in real time
    • Participate in the discussion by conference call

    Because of the ease with which the interface allows you to share and analyze content and spreadsheets as a group, your professors often use online classes to focus on technical issues, allowing for a richer discussion when your class meets together.

    Distance sessions are twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and students usually do not have distance learning during the week of weekend residency. Classes are typically 90 minutes long and take place from 7:00 p.m. – 8:30/9 pm. Recordings of online classes are also available for students who are not able to attend the live class sessions.

    Virtual Group Meetings

    Prior to having an online class with our faculty or submitting group course deliverables, you will meet virtually with your learning team to prepare the case, share perspectives and resolve questions. You and your learning teammates will determine when and how often you meet to prepare, but on average teams meet twice a week. The same software used for online classes is available at any time for group work and allows you to share documents and edit collaboratively.


    Approximately one week after the last in-person residency for a term, exams are posted to the Darden portal. You can download the course exam and take it anytime during the prescribed exam period.

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