• Darden's Executive MBA Program is now more global than ever. In addition to the opportunity to participate in several Darden Worldwide Courses, both Executive MBA (EMBA) and Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) students participate in global residencies in regions such as South America, East Asia, and Western Europe.

    When it comes to global residencies, there are three main differences between EMBA and GEMBA.

    1. Number of Global Experiences
    2. Schedule
    3. Cost


    EMBA students participate in one of the four, week-long global residencies – Brazil, China, Western Europe and India. GEMBA students participate in all four global residencies.

    In the summer prior to the start of the school, incoming EMBA students are sent a survey in which they rank the four global residencies in terms of preference. Assignments are determined by the Executive MBA Program Office on a first-come, first-served basis. Students can also indicate if they wish to participate in a second global residency with requests being considered after all primary residencies have been assigned. The Program Office confirms all global residency assignments during Leadership Residency 1.

    Please note that there is an additional charge (approx. $3,500) for a second global residency, and due to space limitations, we may not be able to accommodate every EMBA student who wishes to participate in a second global residency.

    There may be additional travel options beyond the global residencies. In the past, EMBA & GEMBA students have attended Darden Worldwide Courses to Argentina, Japan, Brazil and Cuba. These experiences are also available for an additional charge (approx. $3000-$3500).


    At a very high-level, one way to think about these formats’ respective schedules is as follows: EMBA has more weekends and GEMBA has more week-long experiences. Drilling down further, the format schedules are as follows:

    EMBA consists of:

    • 18 Weekend Residencies
    • 2 Leadership Residencies
    • 1 Global Residency
    • Distance Learning

    GEMBA consists of:

    • 12 Weekend Residencies
    • 2 Leadership Residencies
    • 4 Global Residencies
    • Distance Learning

    Why the weekend residency difference? Each week-long global residency equals two weekend residencies, so for each additional global residency, two weekend residencies are eliminated from the calendar. This is the reason for the six fewer weekend residencies in the GEMBA format.

    However, over the 21 months of the program, despite GEMBA’s additional week-long experiences, our GEMBA format only requires nine more days out of the office than our EMBA format.


    One additional difference of note is cost. There is a $7,500 difference between the Tuition & Fees for our EMBA format and our GEMBA format.

    However, it is also worth noting that travel to and from the residencies (weekend, leadership and global) is not included in the Tuition & Fees for either of our executive formats, and these travels costs should also be included in any cost comparison.

    Click here for more information on Tuition & Fees.


    Ladi Carr 250x250Darden’s Center for Global Initiatives (CGI) is committed to supporting and enhancing our students' global business education. Ladi Carr, Director for Global Executive Programs, serves as the primary liaison between CGI and the Executive MBA Program Team. She is the contact for global program needs, such as:

    • Organizing logistics for global executive experiences (i.e., Global Residencies, Darden Worldwide Courses and Global Electives)
    • Providing support prior to and during Global Residencies and Darden Worldwide Courses
    • Collaborating closely with the Executive MBA Program Team to deliver outstanding global experiences at Darden
    • Faculty co-lead for all Global Leadership Courses

    As you contemplate the global options of Darden's EMBA and GEMBA formats, please feel free to contact Ladi at any time.

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