Quantitative Analysis

  • The QA area prepares managers and executives to effectively integrate quantitative analysis into their decision making. This includes learning when and how to skillfully employ quantitative techniques skillfully to gain insights into the resolution of practical business problems.

    Students design analyses to fit circumstances and interpret results in the context of action choices. The most widely applicable methodologies in decision and risk analysis, forecasting and data analysis, probability and statistics, competitive analysis, optimization and management science are studied and applied in realistic case situations.

    QA faculty members have applied research interests spanning all of the functional areas of business and pursue research whose origins are firmly rooted in the problems of practicing managers.


    Michael Albert
    Manel Baucells
    Samuel E. Bodily
    Robert L. Carraway
    Yael Grushka-Cockayne
    Casey Lichtendahl
    Phillip E. Pfeifer (Emeritus)
    Dana Popescu    
    Michael Porter
    Sasa Zorc

    Adjunct Faculty

    Patrick Harrison
    Eric Tassone