World Water Events

  • The World Water Events were first organized in the spring of 2014, and have been organized every year since. The World Water Events highlight for the UVA community and the broader public key water-related issues that touch upon various disciplines. Typically, the events are centered around World Water Day (22 March) and organized by various departments across the university.

    World Water Event Calendar 2019

  • World Water Events - Spring 2019

    (Events Confirmed to date; check back here for updates.)


    monday, 18 FEBRUARY 2019

    Hydro-Politics in the Jordan River Basin: Can It Help Resolve Water Scarcity
    Ambassador (ret.) Ram Aviram
    1:30 – 2:30 pm, Darden Business School, Classroom 140
    Together with Darden Business School

    thursday, 11 april 2019

    Water in the Amazon and Climate Change
    Rong Fu, UCLA

    3:30 - 5:00 pm
    location TBA
    Together with UVA Environmental Science


    tUESDAY, 2 APRIL 2019

    Climate Change and Chesapeake Bay: Sinking Tangier Island and the Water Quality Challenge
    Time and Location TBA
    Panelists will include:
    Earl Swift, author
    Lawrence Band, UVA
    Ellen Gilinsky, RiverNetwork
    Together with UVA Engineering


    friday, 5 april 2019

    Storm Water Tour of UVA Main Grounds with Professor Teresa Culver
    Meet time and location TBA
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    april 2019

    Field Trip to Lake Anna or Surry Nuclear Power Plant and Rice River Center


    Hydro-Politics in the Jordan River Basin: Can It Help Resolve Water Scarcity

    Place: Darden Graduate School of Business, Classroom 140
    Time: Monday, 18 February, 1:30 - 2:30 pm
    Partner: Darden Business School

    Climate change is expected to make arid areas more arid, and wet ones wetter. The Middle East is a region where water is a very scarce resource. Moreover, it is a region rife with political tensions, in which international rivers connect neighbors that have not always gotten along. Ram Aviram, former ambassador, expert in water diplomacy, and intimately familiar also with desalination, will shed light on the international treaties that relate to the Jordan River, and place them in the context of neighboring countries that address water scarcity in their own ways.

    Climate Change and Chesapeake Bay: sinking Tangier Island and the water quality challenge

    Place: TBA
    Time: Tuesday, 2 April, 6:00 pm
    Partner: UVA Engineering

    Climate Change will be affecting many water-rich areas. In particular the Chesapeake Bay will see its effects. As journalist and author Earl Swift writes in his recent book “Chesapeake Requiem,” Tangier Island in the Bay is sinking and is expected to completely disappear. Earl Swift will explain the circumstances, while also focusing on the community as such deals with this prospect. Professor Lawrence Band will focus in particular on efforts to improve the Bay’s water quality - an aspect that has received much attention over the years. He will reflect on what has been achieved, and what is to be expected from a changing climate (with more extreme water). Ellen Gilinsky, who worked as Administrator for the EPA before, will place the challenges for the Chesapeake in the broader policy context and what is (not) to be expected under the current Trump Administration.

    Storm Water Tour of UVA Main Grounds with Professor Teresa Culver

    Place: meeting place TBA 
    Time: Friday, 5 April, 1:00 pm
    Partner: UVA Sustainability

    Water in The Amazon and Climate Change

    Place: TBA, Environmental Science 
    Time: Thursday, 11 April, 3:30 – 5:00 pm
    Partner: UVA Environmental Science
    Speaker: Ron Fu, UCLA

    2019 World WAter Event SPEAKERS

    (ret). Ambassador Ram Aviram

    Ram Aviram’s experience is based on over 35 years of multilateral and bilateral diplomacy, while serving in high ranking positions at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs also as Chief of Staff of H.E. Shimon Peres and Ambassador to Greece. His career at the Ministry was highly connected to hydro politics and water related issues. His responsibilities included Director of Water and Environment Department and Head of Israel’s negotiating team on water issues within the framework of the multi-lateral peace process. He participated in numerous international forums and multilateral negotiations on environment and water issues between Israel and its neighbors. He is a lecturer at Tel-Hai Academic College at the post-graduate program for Water and Galilee Studies.

    Lawrence Band
    Ernest Earn Professor of Environmental Science & Professor of Engineering, University of Virginia

    Lawrence Band is the Ernest Earn Professor of Environmental Science & Professor of Engineering at the University of Virginia, and a fellow of the Geological Society of America and the American Geophysical Society. Lawrence Band is an eco-hydrologist with research spanning the continuum of natural through urban watersheds. Before coming to UVA, Band was at the University of North Carolina where he was the Director of the Institute for the Environment. Lawrence Band holds a PhD from UCLA.

    Associate Professor, Department of Engineering Systems and Environment and Director of the Undergraduate Program in Civil Engineering, University OF VIRGINIA

    Teresa Culver is Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering Systems and Environment and the Director of the Undergraduate Program in Civil Engineering.  Teresa Culver’s research focuses on the development of techniques for effective water resources management, including nutrient management for complex watershed-stream-aquifer systems and sustainable urban storm water designs.

    Rong Fu
    Professor in the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Department and Associate Director of JIFRESSE, University of California, Los Angeles

    Rong Fu is Professor in the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Department and Associate Director of JIFRESSE at the University of California, Los Angeles. Dr. Fu’s research aims at understanding the role of the atmospheric hydrological cycle and its interaction with earth’s surface in determining the stability of the Earth’s climate at global and regional scales, and at applying climate science to support regional decision. She is a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society. Before joining UCLA, Rong Fu was a Professor of Geological Sciences at the University of Texas, Austin.

    Ellen gILINSKY
    President, Ellen Gilinsky, LLC.

    Ellen Gilinsky is President of Ellen Gilinsky since 2017. Between 2011-16 Gilinsky was Associate Deputy Assistant Administrator for Water at the Environmental Protection Agency, and before that Director of the Water Division at the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.  Ellen Gilinsky has a Ph.D. in Zoology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  She has been a Past President of the Association of Clean Water Administrators and member of the State Advisory Board of the Virginia Water Resources Research Cente

    Earl Swift
    journalist and Author

    Earl Swift is a Virginia-based free-lance journalist and author of many monographs, among others, his most recent “Chesapeake Requiem, A year with the Watermen of Vanishing Tangier Island.” Currently Earl Swift is a residential fellow at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities at the University of Virginia.


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