Champion Brand and Global Stakeholder Engagement

  • In partnership with APCO Worldwide, the Institute for Business in Society conducts a global survey, a ranking of the world’s Top 100 Champion Brands and an analysis of leading practices.

    Champion Brand Survey

    In March 2014, the Institute for Business in Society became an academic partner of APCO Worldwide on its industry-leading Champion Brand survey and model.

    Through this partnership, the institute and APCO work in collaboration to analyze information gathered in the annual Champion Brand study, which surveyed more than 36,000 individuals in 14 key markets around the world.

    Institute for Business in Society faculty and staff use this data and APCO's Champion Brand model to map out real-world implications for practitioners and the academic community. These survey findings are also used to assess the potential impact to companies that use Champion Brand as a guiding corporate brand strategy.

    Champion Brand Rankings

    In November 2014, the Institute for Business in Society and APCO Worldwide revealed a ranking of the world's "Top 100 Champion Brands," based on a global study evaluating the brand strength of nearly 500 of the largest public and private corporate brands. Read about companies that ranked in the Top 100 at APCO’s Top Champion Brands.

    Champion Brand Insights

    From the Champion Brand survey data, model and rankings, key insights continue to emerge that can help strengthen corporate brand strength and brand strategy. From strategies on corporate messaging and global stakeholder engagement to industry comparisons and beyond, Champion Brand identifies leading trends and insights that deliver value to business and society within the 21st century. Learn about insights provided by the Champion Brand model.