Giving Voice to Values

  • Giving Voice to Values (GVV) is an innovative approach to values-driven leadership development in business education and the workplace. Rather than a focus on ethical analysis, the Giving Voice to Values (GVV) curriculum focuses on ethical implementation and asks the questions: “What if I were going to act on my values? What would I say and do? How could I be most effective?"

    Piloted in over 1,055 schools, companies and other organizations on all seven continents, the Giving Voice to Values curriculum offers practical exercises, cases, modules, scripts and teaching plans for handling a wide range of ethical conflicts in the workplace.

  • What is Giving Voice to Values (GVV)?

    Whether you are a business leader, employee or a practitioner in another field, how can you effectively stand up for your values when pressured by your boss, colleagues, customers, or shareholders to do the opposite?

    Despite all the internal and external pressures surrounding ethical decision making, some people do voice and act on their values, and do so effectively. So what makes them effective? What do they do differently?

    They strategize and prepare. And then, they practice.

    Much like athletes practice their sport, strengthening their muscles, improving their abilities and bolstering their chances of success, those who are effective voicing their values in the workplace often rehearse different scenarios and script their conversation in advance. Like runners or weight lifters, they practice what they would say — out loud — building a sort of “ethical muscle memory,” ready to face future ethical dilemmas.


    What is GVV? Mary Gentile, Creator/Director of Giving Voice to Values (GVV) Explains

    What might our businesses — and our world — look like if more of us felt empowered and were skillful and practiced enough to voice and act on our values effectively? What if we could learn the skills and tools needed to act on our values in an authentic and results-oriented way? 

    This is exactly the kind of thinking that inspired Darden Professor Mary Gentile to create Giving Voice to Values (GVV), originally launched by the Aspen Institute with the Yale School of Management, housed at Babson College from 2009-2016 and now hosted by the UVA Darden School of Business.


    Drawing on the actual experience of business practitioners as well as social science and management research, GVV helps students, business leaders, employees, and other practitioners identify the many ways that individuals can and do voice their values in the workplace, and provides the opportunity to script and practice this voice in front of their peers.

    GVV is not about persuading people to be more ethical. Rather, GVV starts from the premise that most of us already want to act on our values, but that we also want to feel that we have a reasonable chance of doing so effectively and successfully. This pedagogy and curriculum are about raising those odds.


    “Giving Voice to Values heralds a revolution in ethics education. Gentile isn’t interested in abstract (and often fruitless) debates about ethical principles — rather, she wants to help you practice what to do when you know something is unethical. It’s like a self-defense class for your soul.”
    —Dan and Chip Heath, authors of Switch and Made to Stick

    “Giving Voice to Values is exactly what we need to help our students take action. Most ethics courses focus on hypothetical decision–making and determining what is the right thing to do. We know that ‘knowing’ does not lead to ‘doing.’ This initiative empowers students to speak through their actions.”
    —Carolyn Woo, Dean
    Notre Dame Mendoza
    College of Business

    "Mary Gentile has responded to the cries of business and business school critics by shifting our attention from debating right vs. wrong and right vs. right to acting on the questions these dilemmas raise. The most significant contribution to business ethics I have experienced in my professional career, Giving Voice to Values is destined to shape the behavior of future generations.”
    —Leonard A. Schlesinger, President
    Babson College

    Who Can Use Giving Voice to Values (GVV)? 

    Whether you are a professor, student, corporate leader or practitioner in business, government, medicine or another field, Giving Voice to Values (GVV) provides the practical tools and skills needed to effectively voice and act on your values in the workplace.

    Who Can Use GVV? Mary Gentile, Creator/Director of Giving Voice to Values (GVV) Explains


    To date, GVV has been piloted in hundreds of schools, companies, professional associations and other organizations on all seven continents and has an extensive network of thousands of contacts across the globe. Originally designed for use in graduate business school curricula, GVV has now moved well beyond that.

    Within the field of education, GVV has been used in undergraduate, MBA and executive education programs in business schools around the world. Other potential educational applications for GVV include elementary and secondary educators and students, as well as parents and the general public.

    GVV has been a featured part of the United Nations Global Compact PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) programming and PRME has become a partner supporting GVV curriculum development on Anti-Corruption, with a 2015 initiative in India that resulted in ten new GVV-India case studies. A similar region-specific curriculum development initiative in Egypt was sponsored by the ILO and the German University in Cairo. 

    Increasingly, GVV is also being adapted for educational purposes beyond business (in fields such as medicine, nursing, engineering, law, accounting, and liberal arts). The 2013 book, Educating for Values-Driven Leadership: Giving Voice To Values Across the Curriculum , features chapters by a dozen faculty from different disciplines (such as economics, accounting, negotiations, and human resources management) sharing how they use GVV. There are also numerous titles in the Giving Voice To Values Book Collection from Business Expert Press and the forthcoming Giving Voice To Values Book Series from Greenleaf Publishing.


    Unilever Interviews Professor Mary Gentile About Its Use of GVV

    Corporate Leaders and Practitioners

    GVV has been utilized by many corporate audiences as a stand-alone program and as an integrated part of leadership development or ethics programs. Companies can utilize materials from the extensive GVV curriculum collection, or receive assistance in crafting customized GVV materials for their particular organization (including cases, exercises, slide decks, videos, and online programs). Presentations, consultation, executive education programming and train-the-trainer sessions are available.

    “Mary Gentile’s Giving Voice to Values is a clarion call to the new generation of leaders to put their values in practice in the workplace. Its timely and thoughtful message is precisely what the corporate world needs now." 
    —Bill George, Professor of Management Practice 
    Harvard Business School 
    Former CEO, Medtronic

    "Corporate tragedies are usually the result of dozens of people who sit silently on the sidelines afraid or uncertain of what to do about a transgression. Giving Voice to Values aims to raise corporate behavior to a dramatically higher standard by ensuring that everyone not only can tell right from wrong, but knows what to do in the face of corporate misconduct."
    —Jeffrey Hollender, author of The Responsibility Revolution and Co-Founder and Executive Chair of Seventh Generation, author of the leading blog on corporate responsibility 


    GVV Book Cover Small SizeInspired by the Giving Voice to Values (GVV) curriculum, Professor Gentile’s book, Giving Voice to Values: How to Speak Your Mind When You Know What’s Right , is another useful tool for exploring these concepts of values-based leadership. Within the book, educator Mary Gentile empowers working professionals with the skills to voice and act on their values and align their professional path with their principles.

    Challenging the assumptions about business ethics at companies and business schools, Professor Gentile argues that often the issue isn’t distinguishing what is right or wrong, but knowing how to act on your values despite opposing pressure. Drawing on actual business experiences as well as social science research, Gentile offers advice, practical exercises, and scripts for handling a wide range of ethical dilemmas. Published by Yale University Press - with translations in Chinese and  Korean - Giving Voice to Values is an engaging, innovative, and useful guide that is essential reading for anyone in business.

    Another recent book, Educating for Values-Driven Leadership: Giving Voice To Values Across the Curriculum, features chapters by a dozen faculty from different disciplines such as economics, accounting, negotiations, and human resources sharing how they use GVV. The book is a useful guide for faculty from any business discipline on HOW to use the GVV approach in his or her teaching. Giving Voice to Values in the Legal Profession

    Similarly, Professor Gentile's book, Giving Voice to Values in the Legal Profession, is the first title in the Giving Voice to Values book series from Routledge/Greenleaf Publishing. By providing twelve accessible scenarios drawn from real-life examples, this book walks readers though some of the most common ethical issues they will face in the workplace and how to address them in a manner that is realistic and effective. Proposals are invited. There are also a number of published books in the previous Giving Voice To Valuesbook series from Business Expert Press.

    The second book in the series, Giving Voice to Values in Accounting, is the first book to address ethical dilemmas that accountants face in their operations. The book's authors, Professors Tara Shawver and William Miller, provides guidance to those in the profession on navigating these dillemmas and making the right judgement calls.

    Giving Voice to Values as a Professional PhysicianIn the newest book, Giving Voice to Values as a Professional Physician, the GVV methodology is applied to assisting medical professionals in navigating everyday challenges they may encounter. In doing so, the book shifts the focus of medical ethics from academic discussion to emphasizing moral actions, guiding the readers through several difficult cases.

    "Mary Gentile documents a fascinating tool to help us to be as ethical as we strive to be. She highlights that rehearsing for ethically challenging situations may allow us to develop a response more in line with our ethical preferences than the knee jerk responses that have led so many to make the wrong choice in important situations. The ideas in the book are clever, original, thoughtful and important."
    —Max H. Bazerman
    Straus Professor
    Harvard Business School

    "In business and in life, we often know what is the right thing to do, but we have trouble implementing it. This book shows how we can all make the right things happen. It is a wonderful guide to help us enter an era of responsibility and of leadership based on values."
    —Walter Isaacson,CEO
    The Aspen Institute


    Giving Voice to Values (GVV) is an innovative approach to values-driven leadership development in business education and the workplace, pioneered by Professor Mary Gentile.

    GVV is not about persuading people to be more ethical. Rather, GVV starts from the premise that most of us already want to act on our values, but that we also want to feel that we have a reasonable chance of doing so effectively and successfully. This pedagogy and curriculum are about raising those odds.

    Rather than a focus on ethical analysis, the Giving Voice to Values (GVV) curriculum focuses on ethical implementation and asks the question: “What if I were going to act on my values? What would I say and do? How could I be most effective?”

    The Giving Voice to Values (GVV) curriculum, cases, modules, scripts and teaching plans are available on the Darden Business Publishing website.

    MOOC - Ethical Leadership through Giving Voice To Values

    Since September 25, 2017, the Darden School of Business, in partnership with Coursera, has offered a four-week online course, Ethical Leadership through Giving Voice To Values. This course offers an introduction to the GVV approach to Values-Driven Leadership Development as well as the opportunity to engage in self-assessment, to rehearse GVV scripting and action-planning exercises and to create a personalized implementation plan.

    The course includes short videos introducing key GVV topics and approaches, as well as video presentations by GVV users from business, the military and academia.

    Audiences for this course include: business practitioners, corporate trainers and leadership/ethics professionals, faculty who wish to find ways to integrate values-related topics into their core curriculum, as well as students and individual learners. Faculty may wish to assign the entire course and/or selected videos and assignments to students in their own classes, as a way to introduce them to the GVV approach before asking them to apply the methodology to cases and topics in their existing syllabi.

    Registration for the course is FREE. However, if learners wish to earn an optional certificate from Coursera, they can do so for $79.

    Registration is available through Coursera. For more information, please feel free to contact

    According to one course review, "This course should be part of the academic curriculum, client on-boarding and employee orientation...I often found myself in situations where I know what is wrong and right but never had right kind of tools or methodology to approach the situation. This course has unlocked those skills and enabled me to take systematic approach in dealing with ethical challenges at the workplace."


    Nomadic - Overview of GVV

    Giving Voice to Values also offers a series of six interactive online cohort-based modules that introduce the core GVV concepts and methodologies and provide opportunities to practice with these approaches. These modules are short, customizable and creatively designed to incorporate: brief cases, clear and compelling presentation of core concepts, engaging animations and powerful video segments with opportunities to practice application of the GVV methodologies, as well as opportunities to engage in peer exchanges.

    "The GVV curriculum promises to be a major step forward in enabling people to deal effectively with the inevitable challenges to their integrity and ethical values – challenges they will face in both their working and personal lives. I am excited by GVV's emphasis on shifting the focus from discussions and debates about what is the 'right' answer to a challenge to one's integrity or one's ethical values to a focus on 'how to act' on one's values in a particular situation. This approach promises major breakthroughs in giving people effective choice in acting on those values. It does so by providing the opportunity to practice handling the discomfort, threats, isolation and embarrassment each person faces in dealing with such situations. I expect this approach to have major impact on individuals' willingness and ability to act effectively in such difficult situations."
    —Michael C. Jensen
    Jesse Isidor Straus Professor of Business Emeritus
    Harvard Business School



    2019 Media and Other Publications

    People+Strategy journal - special issue on gvv | summer 2019

    Professor Gentile served as the guest editor of a Special Issue of People+Strategy focused around Giving Voice to Values. Find the journal's special issue containing 14 articles online here(Special open access to non-subscribers for a limited time.)

    thinkers50| june 2019

    Professor Mary Gentile was named to the shortlist for the Thinkers50 Ideas Into Practice Award for her Giving Voice to Values curriculum, putting values into practice in the workplace.

    SHRM Executive Network, HR People+Strategy, IN FOCUS White Papers| 2019

    Giving Voice to Values was referenced in Anna Marie Valerio's white paper “Gender Inclusion By Top Leaders: Evidence and Positive Actions”.

    CUSTOMER THINK | 26 june 2019

    Professor Gentile was highlighted in Andrew Rudin's article, "Voicing Values: Employee Exposes Seamy Sales Training".

    Giving Voice To Values: The “How” of Values-Based Leadership | 25-26 june 2019 | HWZ University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration, Zurich, Switzerland

    An introduction to the GVV approach and to GVV program design for corporate practitioners. For more information, contact Mary Gentile.

    Financial times | 16 june 2019

    Professor Gentile was quoted in the Financial Times article "Skills for future finance leaders: ethics take centre stage".

    Forthcoming book chapter

    Professor Gentile co-authored a book chapter with Carsten Tams titled "Giving Voice to Values: Responsible Management as Facilitation of Ethical Voice" in: Laasch, O., Jamali, D., Freeman, E., & Suddaby, R. (2019, forthcoming). The Research Handbook of Responsible Management. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

    CUSTOMER THINK | 14 june 2019

    The Giving Voice to Values Educators' Practicum program was highlighted in Andrew Rudin's article, "Giving Voice to Values: Essential Nutrition for the Fiscally Fit Organization."

    PRNewswire | 13 june 2019

     Professor Gentile's book, "Giving Voice to Values: How to Speak Your Mind When You Know What's Right" was recommended on The University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business' 16th annual Summer Reading List for Business Leaders.

    Compliancenet conference on business ethics | 3-4 june 2019

    Professor Gentile led the opening discussion entitled, "What Should We Be Doing in Business Ethics?" at the Program for the 2019 ComplianceNet Conference on Business Ethics at Villanova University's Charles Widger School of Law.

    Darden Ideas to Action | 28 May 2019

    “In the Weeds: A Taxing Values Conundrum”: This Case In Point reflects on taxes and the cannabis business. Co-written by Mary Gentile, Steven Mintz and William F. Miller.

    Darden Ideas to Action | 21 May 2019

    In "Graduating to the Next Level: 5 Leadership Lessons for New Graduates (and Anyone Else)", Professor Gentile offers advice on "How to Act on Your Ethics"

    Network for business sustainability | 29 April 2019

    In "MBAs focus on the short term, harming companies and communities. Experts identify paths to a longer-term outlook", Dany Miller, Nancy McGaw, and Professor Gentile offer thoughts on how MBA programs and companies can focus on the long term over short-term profits to promote firm sustainability.

    Reuters Regulatory Intelligence | 11 April 2019

    Professor Gentile’s book, Giving Voice to Values: How to Speak Your Mind When You Know What’s Right, was listed as a book that should be a staple for every AML compliance professional in "Money laundering scandals: The actions or inactions of bank employees," originally published by Thomson Reuters ©️ Thomson Reuters.

    India Education Diary | 9 March 2019

    Professor Gentile spoke about GVV at the Globsyn Management Conference in Kolkata, India, in a panel on corporate ethics and responsibility.

    Siasat Daily | 8 March 2019

    Professor Gentle participated in a panel event at the Globsyn Management Conference/Vision Seminar in Kolkata, India.

    Darden Ideas to Action | 12 February 2019

    In, “Digital Learning and Values-Driven Leadership: Why It Works,” expert Debra Newcomer discusses Professor Gentile’s extensive work on digital ethics training, and examines why digital learning platforms can and should be leveraged in values and ethics training programs. “Values shouldn’t be separate from the rest of our day-to-day work,” she writes.

    Compliance Week | 11 FEBRUARY 2019

    Mary Gentile discusses values-driven leadership on a p​o​d​c​a​s​t​ with columnist Tom Fox at Compliance Week.  

    Customer Think | 7 February 2019

    Insights from Professor Gentile’s book, Giving Voice to Values: How to Speak Your Mind When You Know What’s Right, are cited extensively in an article on how to voice values in sales and customer management environments, when there is conflicting pressure from both sales managers and customers to engage in unethical behavior. “It’s easier to redirect a problematic request when you can gain consensus on a larger goal,” the author, Andrew Rudin, Managing Principal of Contrary Domino, writes. 

    Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Business and Management | 28 January 2019

    Professor Gentile’s article, “Ethics Education: How Giving Voice to Values Fills in the ‘Action Gap,’” has been included in the authoritative ORE as part of its recent update. She and her co-author, Daniel Arce, examine how the GVV pedagogy, including time spent rehearsing arguments for values-based change, helps people who have decided what is right to turn their conviction into action. 

    Globally Responsible Leadership Institute | 24 January 2019

    Professor Gentile’s work on Giving Voice to Values was listed as a motivation for the Global Responsibility Leadership Institute’s 2019 goals. (Portugal) | 10 January 2019

    Sem bola de cristal, o que reserva 2019 às e​m​p​r​e​s​a​s​?​ 
    Professor Mary Gentile’s work on GVV is the basis for her business leadership predictions for 2019. 


    Mary Gentile and her book, Giving Voice to Values: How to speak your mind when you know what’s right, were the subject of an in-depth blog post at Global Responsibility.  

    2018 Media and Other Publications 

    The Aspen Institute | 21 December 2018

    Business Leaders Make Their Predictions for 2019 
    Professor Gentile predicts, “Employee and manager actions will take on new weight as businesses signal leadership on social issues.”

    Professional Formation | 17 DECEMBER 2018

    December newsletter produced jointly for the Academy for Professionalism in Health Care and
    Rebekah Apple reviews Giving Voice to Values as a Professional Physician: An Introduction to Medical Ethics, a book, based off of the methodology developed by Mary Gentile, aimed at improving medical professionals' skills for ethical action.

    Forbes | 13 December 2018

    This List Will Almost Earn You A PhD In Leadership
    Mary Gentile’s Book, Giving Voice to Values: How to Speak Your Mind When You Know What’s Right was featured in a Forbes essential reading list for business leaders.

    CSPAN | 31 OCTOBER 2018

    C-SPAN Testimony (VIDEO) - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Public Hearing to Review Sexual Harassment Policy
    Mary Gentile testified before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in a public hearing to review its sexual harassment policy.


    Volkswagon and the moral business behavior lessons
    Mary Gentile and her book, Giving Voice to Values - How to Speak Your Mind When You Know What's Right, is referenced as a helpful first guide for how to practice values with future managers.


    Teaching Future Business Leaders (VIDEO)
    Mary Gentile, Creator/Director of Giving Voice to Values, discusses ways we can shift our language and perspective to improve business ethics education.


    How to Respond to an Ethics Issue (VIDEO)
    Mary Gentile, Creator/Director of Giving Voice to Values, explains explains how to respond when one of your subordinates raises a concern about an ethics issue.


    Can We Find Common Ground? (VIDEO)
    Mary Gentile, Creator/Director of Giving Voice to Values, explains explains how to find common ground and shared values.


    Building an Ethical Culture (VIDEO)
    Mary Gentile, Creator/Director of Giving Voice to Values, explains explains why it takes more than "speaking up" to build a truly ethical organizational culture.

    university of notre dame deloitte center for ethical leadership (video)  | 5 october 2018

    Why does ethics education often fail? What can we do to fix it? (VIDEO)
    Mary Gentile, Creator/Director of Giving Voice to Values, discusses why many some approaches to ethics education backfire.


    How Self-Understanding Can Help You Act on Your Values (VIDEO)
    Mary Gentile, Creator/Director of Giving Voice to Values, explains moral courage and its importance when it comes to speaking up effectively about what matters most to an individual.


    The Power of Moral Muscle Memory (VIDEO)
    Mary Gentile, Creator/Director of Giving Voice to Values, discusses the power of "moral muscle memory" and how it can help individuals give voice to their values. 


    5 Tips for Voicing Values in the #MeToo Era by Lisa Cannell
    Featured in the Notre Dame Deloitte Center for Ethical Leadership e-newsletter, Lisa Cannell references Giving Voice to Values as she advises on how to address the transgressions of colleagues in the #MeToo era.

    big ideas, ABC Radio national (australian Broadcasting corporation)  | 21 JUNE 2018

    Mary Gentile: Putting Your Values to the Test
    Big Ideas of ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) covers Mary Gentile's recent keynote address at the 2018 Communities in Control conference in Melbourne, Australia.  

    FORBES  | 14 JUNE 2018

    And Now Ethics 2.0: An Argument for More Self-Governance
    Author Carsten Tams cites the the Giving Voice to Values approach as a way for an organization to reorient its Ethics & Compliance engagement strategies away from one of coercive repression of malfeasance toward positive support for employees' moral agency.

    The HENNESSY REPORT  | 14 JUNE 2018

    The Hennessy Report: Episode 17 with Mary Gentile
    Dave Hennessy talks with Mary Gentile about Giving Voice to Values.

    conference live interview at the 71st CFA INSTITUTe annual conference  | 14 MAY 2018

    Conference Live Interview
    Mary Gentile discusses the Giving Voice to Values pedagogy with Lauren Foster at the CFA Institute's 71st Annual Conference in Hong Kong.

    panel discussion AT THE 71ST CFA INSTITUTE ANNUAL CONFERENCE  | 13 MAY 2018

    Creating a Culture of Compliance and Avoiding Ethical Pitfalls Panel Discussion
    Mary Gentile participates in a panel discussion at the CFA Institute's 71st Annual Conference in Hong Kong. 

    Bloomberg Businessweek | 1 MAY 2018

    How to Break an NDA, See If Your Pay Is Fair, Confront a Colleague, and More
    Mary Gentile offers advice on how to confront a colleague who has offended you, based on concepts from  Giving Voice to Values.

    Dong-a Ilbo | 4 April 2018

    Ho Kim's Survival Kit for Business People by Ho Kim
    Mary Gentile's Giving Voice To Values Initiative is featured in an article providing evidence on the importance of thought experiment and simulation.

    CFA Institute | 13 March 2018

    Introducing: Giving Voice to Values (Copyright 2018, CFA Institute. Distributed with permission from CFA Institute. All rights reserved.)
    Mary Gentile is featured in a video interview where she discusses how the CFA Institute plans to use Giving Voice to Values. 

    SpringerLink | 10 FEBRUARY 2018

    Fighting Against Corruption: Does Anti-corruption Training Make Any Difference? by Christian Hauser
    Mary Gentile's Giving Voice To Values Initiative is featured in an article providing evidence that training is positively linked to the likelihood of rejecting justifications of corruption. 


    Values-Driven Leadership: How to deal with ethical issues in the workplace, by Mary Gentile and Carolyn Plump
    Mary Gentile discusses the exciting new series, Giving Voice to Values, and its first title Giving Voice to Values in the Legal Profession


    How to Act on Your Ethics, by Mary Gentile and Mary Summers Whittle
    Mary Gentile discusses her practical Giving Voice to Values framework and how it’s applicable across cultures and around the world. 


    "Where do moral beliefs come from and how do we act on them?" with Ira Bedzow and Mary Gentile
    The Good Life! with Ira Bedzo speaks with Mary Gentile about where we get our moral beliefs and how we can act on them. 


    2017 Media and Other Publications

    Darden Report | 7 DECEMBER 2017   

    UVA Darden Professor Wins Reimagine Education Award for Ethical Leadership Pedagogy
    Professor Mary Gentile was recognized by Reimagine Education as a 2018 Ethical Leadership Award winner for her innovative Giving Voice to Values pedagogy.


    Reimagine Education Ethical Leadership Award 2018: Winners
    Professor Mary Gentile was recognized by Reimagine Education as a 2018 Ethical Leadership Award winner for her innovative Giving Voice to Values pedagogy.

    Darden Report | 17 NOVEMBER 2017   

    UVA Darden Professors Recognized at Thinkers50 Distinguished Achievement Awards
    Professor Mary Gentile was recognized at Thinkers50 Distinguished Achievement Awards being the creator and director of Giving Voice to Values. 

    Wall Street Journal | 14 NOVEMBER 2017   

    When Your Company Makes You Feel Queasy
    Professor Mary Gentile is featured in an article on ways employees can keep up morale when working for an company dealing with a public scandal.

    Graduate School Site | 9 November 2017   

    Top MBA Student Mistakes and Professors' Advice for How to Avoid Them
    Professor Mary Gentile discusses how she advises MBA students to engage in their programs to best develop their values-driven leadership skills.

    Entrepreneur MAGAZINE | 26 OCTOBER 2017   

    A Step-by-Step Guide to Responding to Allegations of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
    Professor Mary Gentile discusses how to best form an effective response when an employee raises an allegation of sexual harassment in the workplace.

    Darden Ideas to Action | 10 OCTOBER 2017   

    Giving Voice to Values: How To Counter Rationalizations Rationally
    This article by Mary Gentile discusses how people encounter values conflicts in the workplace, the categories of conflict, and common arguments for their "reasons and rationalizations".

    Routledge | October 2017   

    Giving Voice to Values in the Legal Profession: Effective Advocacy with Integrity by Carolyn Plump
    This new book is one part in the Giving Voice to Values series about Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility that brings a practical approach to the salient questions of values-driven leadership.


    Responsible Management Education: Some Voices From Asia by Ranjini Swamy
    This new book features a synopsis of Mary Gentile's presentation delivered at Goa Institute of Management discussing Giving Voice to Values (GVV). 


    The Good Life Episode One with Ira Bedzow and Mary Gentile Video 
    Professor Mary Gentile is featured in a Q&A as she discusses two main questions: "where do moral beliefs come from?" and "how do people act on them?"  

    CPA Journal | September 2017   

    Reimagining Ethics Education
    This article discusses four arguments from the Giving Voice to Values (GVV) ethics education that can be used to practice how to voice one's values and find a way to change the accounting practice being questioned. 

    Emerald Insight | August 2017   

    Article, Linking the Ethics and Management Control Literatures, in  Book Series: Advances in Management Accounting by Kenneth A. Merchant and Lourdes Ferreira White, 2017.
    This article reviews six topics in the ethics and management control literature, using Giving Voice to Values (GVV) to address how to get people to speak up when they see something wrong taking place.

    425Business | 3 August 2017

    A Moral Compass for Business 
    Washington State University Carson College of Business Professor Jerry Goodstein discusses using Giving Voice to Values in his teaching and the importance of giving all employees the tools to speak up when they encounter something that conflicts with their values.

    theNativeSociety | 10 July 2017   

    Profile of Mary Gentile, theNativeSociety
    theNativeSociety, a publication with a mission of inspiring thought leadership, published a Q&A profile of Mary Gentile.

    Institute for Business in Society Blog | 28 June 2017   

    Teaching Business Ethics Through the Lens of the Holocaust: Professor Mary Gentile Co-Leads Business School Fellowships at Auschwitz for the Study of Professional Ethics
    Professor Mary Gentile is featured in a Q&A on her experience teaching in the 2017 Fellowships at Auschwitz for the Study of Professional Ethics (FASPE) program in Germany and Poland.

    The International Journal of Management Education | 15 June 2017   

    Giving Voice to Values: A global partnership with UNGC PRME to transform management education
    Professor Mary Gentile addresses Giving Voice to Values (GVV) and its partnership with the United Nations Global Compact's (UNGC) Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME).

    The Darden Report | 15 May 2017   

    As Trust Falls, How Can Businesses Help Pick It Up?
    Professors Brian Moriarty and Mary Gentile address the recent drop in public trust, and the challenges and opportunities for business to address it.

    International Journal of Management Education | 2017   

    Giving Voice To Values: A Global Partnership with UNGC PRME to Transform Management Education (forthcoming)
    Professor Mary Gentile authored an article on  Giving Voice to Values (GVV) and a global partnership with UNGC PRME regarding the transformation of management education as it relates to business ethics.

    Faculty Focus | 5 May 2017   

    Acting Out: Borrowing from Life and Art to Teach Ethics
    Diane Rubino lauds Professor Mary Gentile's  Giving Voice to Values (GVV) pedagogy, which helps students rehearse and practice speaking up and enacting their values within practical, real-life scenarios.

    Compliance Week | April 2017   

    The practical ethicist: Profile of Professor Mary Gentile (free sign up required)
    Institute-affiliated Professor Mary Gentile is profiled as one of Compliance Week's "Top Minds 2017." Gentile was recognized for her groundbreaking work in business ethics and her practical  Giving Voice to Values (GVV) pedagogy, which helps individuals enact their values in the workplace.

    Compliance Week | April 2017   

    Top Minds 2017 Award Recipients
    Professor Mary Gentile was named one of Compliance Week's "Top Minds 2017" for her groundbreaking work in business ethics and her practical  Giving Voice to Values (GVV) pedagogy, which helps individuals enact their values in the workplace.  

    Risk & Compliance | April-June 2017   

    Employee Voice as a Key Compliance Tool
    Professor Mary Gentile's Giving Voice to Values (GVV) pedagogy is explored, stating that "a cornerstone of any robust human system is employee voice – people must feel that they can, and should, voice and enact their values."

    The Darden Report | 25 April 2017   

    UVA Darden Professor Mary Gentile Named 'Top Mind' of 2017
    Institute-affiliated Professor Mary Gentile was named a 'Top Mind" of 2017 by Compliance Week for her thought leadership in business ethics and the globally-recognized  Giving Voice to Values curriculum, which helps individuals enact their values in the workplace.  

    The Ethicist Blog, The Academy of Management Ethics Education Committee | 18 April 2017   

    Giving Voice to Values in the Classroom
    Four tips for discussing ethics and values in the classroom are provided, from Institute-affiliated faculty member Mary Gentile's Giving Voice to Values (GVV) curriculum.

    The Darden Report | 28 March 2017   

    Darden Second Year Chosen for Fellowships at Auschwitz Ethics Program
    Professor Mary Gentile will lead the business program and Darden student Kyle Perez was selected as a fellow for the 2017 Fellowships at Auschwitz for the Study of Professional Ethics (FASPE) held in Germany and Poland.

    Journal of Management Education | 13 March 2017   

    Giving Voice to Values: A Pedagogy for Behavioral Ethics
    Professor Mary Gentile's essay presents some of the key challenges around pedagogy, curriculum design, as well as organizational and faculty concerns, with integrating ethics and value-driven leadership in management education.

    Meek Voices | 3 February 2017   

    Darden Professor's Ethics Curriculum Creates 'Muscle Memory' for Morality - University of Virginia
    Institute-affiliated faculty member Mary Gentile's Giving Voice to Values (GVV) curriculum is explained.

    UVA Today | 1 February 2017   

    This Darden Professor's Ethics Curriculum Creates 'Muscle Memory' for Morality
    Institute-affiliated faculty member Mary Gentile and her Giving Voice to Values (GVV) curriculum is featured in UVA Today. 


    2016 Media and Other Publications 

    Harvard Business Review | 23 December 2016   

    Talking About Ethics Across Cultures
    Institute-affiliated faculty member Mary Gentile explores how culture can impact how one addresses values and ethics in the workplace.

    Ethical | 28 November 2016   

    Interview with Dennis Gentilin, Whistleblower, Author and Consultant on Corporate Citizenship
    Featured ethics scholar, whistleblower, author and consultant Dennis Gentilin mentions working with Mary Gentile, founder of  Giving Voice to Values (GVV), and working with her to develop a workshop for the Australian Financial Markets Association (AFMA) that borrows from the GVV curriculum.

    strategy + business | 9 November 2016   

    Margaret Heffernan's Required Reading
    Institute-affiliated faculty member  Mary Gentile's book, Giving Voice to Values (GVV), is among Margaret Heffernan's list of required reading for business leaders.

    The Darden Report | 17 October 2016

    From Doubts to Discovery: Mary Gentile's Journey to Build Giving Voice to Values
    Institute-affiliated faculty member  Mary Gentile and the origins of her pioneering business ethics curriculum,  Giving Voice to Values (GVV), is discussed.

    The Catholic Weekly | 22 September 2016

    How to find your voice and lead with integrity
    Institute-affiliated faculty and Creator/Director of the Giving Voice to Values (GVV) curriculum, Mary Gentile, was a visiting scholar at Notre Dame University in Australia, where she shared her groundbreaking approach to preparing leaders and managers for values-driven decision making.

    HarvardBusiness Review - Change Management | Fall, 2016 (Re-Published From theMarch 2010 Issue)

    Managing Yourself: Keeping Your Colleagues HonestInstitute-affiliated Professor of Practice and founder of the Giving Voice to Values (GVV) program, Mary Gentile discusses ways to build a strong, honest organizational culture. 

    Harvard Business Review - Marketing | 22 August 2016

    A Refresher on Marketing Myopia
    Institute-affiliated Professor of Practice and founder of the Giving Voice to Values (GVV) program, Mary Gentile posits that many marketers have demonstrated short-sightedness, marked by a single-minded focus on the customer, and fail to address the multiple stakeholders who have arisen out of the “changed societal context of business.”

    Yale School ofManagement MBA Blog | 19 July 2016

    The Nazi-Corporate Connection: Facing the Ethical Challenges of Business Head-On
    A Yale MBA student recaps the role of business during Nazi Germany and how leaders today can tackle similar ethical issues using principles from Gentile’s work.

    Forli Today | 20 April 2016

    Piada 52 supera i confini e diventa un caso di studio per le università americane

    The AustralianFinancial Review | 7 April 2016

    A whistleblower shows how to stop a scandal before it starts.

    Raymond A. MasonSchool of Business, College of William and Mary | 1 March 2016

    Giving Voice To Values
    Mary Gentile interviewed by Ken White in the Leadership & Business Podcast Series, Episode 29; discussing tactics and strategies to becoming an effective leader in today’s workplaces.

    Administration | 14 January 2016

    Four Ways to Embed a Safety Mindset Within Your Company’s DNA 
    Marc Sokol lists methods to implement a culture that encourages speaking out against wrongdoing by management that includes ideas from Gentile’s work.

    Ethisphere | January 2016

    100 Most Influential in Business Ethics
    Mary Gentile selected as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Business Ethics.

    CPA Magazine | 1 January 2016

    A shot at prevention
    Giving Voice To Values mentioned in  “A shot at prevention” by Karen Wensley.


    2015 Media and Other Publications

    Business Expert Press| December 2015

    Video : Shaping the Future of Work, with Thomas Kochan, MIT.
    Kochan cites Gentile’s work in his latest book about the changing 21st century workplace and how to conduct practices that benefit all involved.

    Behavioral Legal Ethics | 14 December 2015

    New Scholarship: Giving Voice To Values in Legal Education — blog post by Tigran Eldred.
    Tigran Eldred discusses Gentile's curriculum and why GVV is so valuable to students.

    Goa Institute of Management, India | November 2015

    6th PRME Asia Forum  Video Interview with Mary Gentile.
    Discussion regarding the profitability of focusing on sustainability and responsible leadership in business.

    Folha de S.Paulo |November 2015

    E preciso criar uma musculatura moral contra desvios, diz pesquisadora
    Interview with Mary Gentile by Thais Bilenky. 

    NET IMPACT | 24 September 2015

    Issues In Depth: Giving Voice To Values — The “How” of Values-Driven Leadership
    Gentile defines the program and outlines sample case studies that prove the effectiveness of the program and how various businesses can implement it. 

    IACA Alumnus Magazine(International Anti-Corruption Academy) | August 2015

    Practice Makes Perfect–Empowering Ethics: Interview with Mary Gentile.
    Discussion of the history and inspiration behind the GVV project; notes that despite cultural and regional differences, there is a general perception of right and wrong in every type of workplace.

    The Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship | 1 July 2015

    Book Review: Engaging Milennials for Ethical Leadership
    James L. Caldwell reviews Jessica McManus’ book on  Engaging Millennials for Ethical Leadership.  

    Harvard Business Review blog | June 2015

    How to Speak Up About Ethical Issues at Work
    Gentile and Cornell management professor James Detert outline some of the popular challenges and rationalizations that employees encounter when deciding whether to speak up about an ethical issue in their respective workplaces.  

    Journalof Learning Design |  2015

    Creating Practice-Ready, Well and Professional Law Graduates
    In this special issue on legal education, Anneka Ferguson of Australian National University discusses the application of GVV in legal education.  

    Trust Across America-Trust Around the World | January 2015

    Top Thought Leaders in Trust: 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award Winners
    Mary Gentile is named as one of the Top Thought Leaders in Trust Lifetime Achievement Award Winners.  


    2014 Media and Other Publications 

    Russian International Affairs Council | 25 December 2014

    Stakeholder Trust: A Proposal for a Global Business Ethics Principle.
    Patricia E. Dowden & Philip M. Nichols cite Gentile’s work in their conversation regarding how to establish and maintain stakeholder trust when managing a business and how these individuals can contribute to the growth of the organization.

    Canadian Business | 28 November 2014

    Making Ethical Decisions at Work is Easy. Speaking Up Is Harder.
    Chris MacDonald talks of the difficulties of speaking “against the grain,” especially when a team’s mind is made up regarding the execution of a particular project or the fudging of financial statements.

    Bloomberg Businessweek | 6 August 2014

    Business Schools Aren't Producing Ethical Graduates
    Deborrah Himsel discusses GVV and the importance of moving from theory to action. 

    Risk and Compliance Magazine | July-September 2014

    Giving Voice To Values in the Boardroom: Strategies to Enable Risky Conversations
    Discusses how the Giving Voice to Values (GVV) methodology for values-driven leadership development can be useful even at the highest echelons of an organization, and provide directors and boards with a toolkit to approach difficult and critical internal communications more successfully.  

    Fortune | 30 May 2014

    Why Freelancers Need a Code of Ethics
    A freelance software developer discusses the codes of ethics he applies as a contingency worker and how Gentile’s management research can help him and others conquer these type of issues.

    Finance Matters | May 2014

    Finance Matters Inspiring Debate 
    The Value-Add workshop, a project designed to help individuals achieve more positive impact within their jobs in the finance industry, used Gentile's Giving Voice to Values methodology during the Value-Add workshop run for Investment Bankers.

    The Week in Ethics | 15 August 2014

    Avoiding Crises by Giving Voice to Values
    Gael O’Brien shares how ordinary citizens dealing with global crises are leading the fight against corruption and how Gentile’s work on Giving Voice to Values parallels some of these ideas. 

    IMPACT Speaker Series,Georgia Institute of Technology | February 2014

    Ethical Capitalism - Who Should Care?
    David Langstaff describes Giving Voice to Values as a tool for young people to find their voice amidst the pressure to just "go along."

    EFMD Global Focus | 2014

    The Holy Grail: Educating for values-driven leadership across the curriculum and Giving Voice To Values
    Article by Gentile focuses on her pedagogical research and how it has acted as an advocate for other graduate business schools as their professors strive for their students to understand the importance of ethical leadership.

    Ethical Systems | January 2014

    Research on the Giving Voice to Values curriculum
    Jonathan Haidt discusses research pertaining to the behavioral effects of GVV. 


    2013 Media and Other Publications

    United Nations GlobalCompact PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) and CEEMAN |September 2013

    Gentile Interview 
    Gentile discusses how her work can help transform several workplace environments and allow employees at all levels to overcome ethical issues, creating a new brand of positive leadership.

    University of Richmond2013 Hays and Margaret Crimmel Colloquium on Liberal Education | 4 November2013

    Giving Voice To Values: Educating Values-Driven Leaders
    Gentile discusses how her background in the humanities helped ground her research in instilling ethical practices in the workplace.

    Bloomberg BusinessWeek | 1 October 2013

    Corruption 101: MBAs Get Schooled in Battling Bribery
    Utilization of Gentile’s work to understand and combat bribery in the workplace, including Babson College and Duke University.

    Ethics Unwrapped, Universityof Texas-Austin | September 2013

    Giving Voice To Values Video Series
    Gentile breaks down the primary pillars of the GVV program in this informative and illustrative video series.

    BBC.Com | 9 September 2013

    I Reported the Boss to HR — Now what?  
    Reader write-in regarding the handling of a workplace conflict; Schoenberger quotes Gentile in his belief on dealing with the matter.

    MarketWatch | 13 August 2013

    Summer Reading for Babson Students Challenges Assumptions about Business Ethics
    Discusses how GVV empowers students and aligns with the Babson University mission.

    RochesterBusiness Journal, Business Ethics column | 5 July 2013

    When you know the right thing to do, how do you get it done? 
    Jim Nortz speaks of specific cases in his organization in which he found Gentile’s work and knowledge of management particularly insightful.

    Giving Voice ToValues and the United Nations Global Compact’s Principles forResponsible Management Education (PRME) initiative | June 2013

    Announcement of New  Partnership
    Discusses how the partnership with PRME will enable GVV to address topics of particular concern to the global business community, such as anti-corruption; and to provide new methodologies and resources to business educators and trainers around the world. 

    First IECO/RCC InternationalColloquium at Harvard University — Building Trust in Organizations: TheRole of Ethics, Values and Dignity 2013

    Building Trust: Giving Voice To Values 
    Mary Gentile describes how can we promote trust in organizations, business and education through the idea of Giving Voice to Values.

    HR Horizons | May 2013

    Give Voice to Your Values
    In this interview, Gentile explains how leaders can express their values and encourage others to do the same.

    Forbes | 15 May 2013

    The Responsibility of Business Schools in Training Ethical Leader s
    Opinion piece on the roles MBA programs can and possibly should play in preparing students to deal with the ethical issues associated with financial downturns.


    2012 Media and Other Publications

    Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs | March 2012

    The “How” of Business Ethics in the Financial Sector
    Mary Gentile interviews with Julia Taylor Kennedy regarding the tendency to overlook and/or ignore ethical issues within the financial sector.

    El Pais | 26 November 2012

    No hace falta ser un héroe, pero se puede ser ético |November 2012

    Que hago ante un dilema etica
    Como hacer oír nuestros valores en la empresa sin renunciar al exito.

    Bloomberg BusinessWeek | October 2012

    Q & A: Babson’s Mary Gentile on MBAs and Ethics
    Gentile discusses how GVV gives students the chance to practice moral behavior through framing ethics as an opportunity for creative thinking. 

    The InternationalBusiness Leaders Forum | September 2012

    Management Ethics by Gentile
    Mary Gentile speaks at a number of business schools and business gatherings in Moscow, including the Higher School of Economics, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Moscow State University, MIRVIS, etc. about the launch of a new Business Ethics Curriculum, in Russian, that features the Giving Voice to Values book.

    Babson College | 2012

    Babson's Mary Gentile Among Women Honored by Good Business New York Leading Women for 2012

    The Globe and Mail | 19 June 2012

    A Shout-Out for Ethical Behavior in the Workplace
    Harvey Schachter discusses Giving Voice to Values, calling it a "unique approach, with a helpful exploration of the challenges many people face in their work."

    Business Ethics | 3 May 2012

    Workplace Bullying: More Common –and Damaging–Than You Think by Gael O’Brien.
    The prevalence of both legal and illegal, intentional and unintentional workplace bullying and how it affects the performance and mindset of employees. 

    Carnegie Council for Ethics and International Affairs | March 2012

    Opportunists, Idealists, & Pragmatists Video: Mary Gentile.

    PolicyInnovations, A Publication of the Carnegie Council | 30 March 2012

    Are Values a Lost Cause?  by Mary Gentile.
    “To the degree that one accepts that the financial sector has been trending toward a narrow emphasis upon short-term profits, neglect of client interests, and even exploitation of the information asymmetry that is the very reason investors turn to institutions such as Goldman Sachs in the first place, then one might legitimately ask: Do employees have any choice, even if they want to act? Are values a lost cause?”

    Carnegie Council for Ethics in InternationalAffairs| 27 March 2012

    The ‘How’ of Business Ethics in the Financial Sector — Business Ethics Workshop with Mary Gentile.
    As former Goldman Sachs executive Greg Smith laments the "decline in the firm's moral fiber," Carnegie Council's Workshops for Ethics in Business considers ways financial managers can strengthen the fiber of their organizations.

    BusinessNewsDaily | 7 March 2012

    Peyton Manning Offers Lesson in Job Insecurity by David Mielach.
    Article quotes Mary Gentile, stating, "If it is clear that the organization does, indeed, have the right to take this action, then the question becomes: Do they act [to] satisfy their responsibilities to the organization as well as to the employee they are dismissing?" | 18 January 2012

    5 Small Businesses with Ethics by Laurie Kulikowski.
    Laurie Kulikowski quotes Gentile, “The term 'ethical company' can seem like an oxymoron since a financial crisis that revealed some of the dirtiest secrets in the mortgage and housing industries. But not every company has grown so large and so greedy that the only thing its executives can think of is how high and fast they can boost their share price. In fact, there are a host of companies that see it as their mission to be more than profit generators.”

    Corporate Compliance Insights | January 2012

    CEO Morality? What’s The Answer? What’s The Question? Initial column in Mary Gentile’s new regular column, “ Voicing Values in The Workplace.”  
    Gentile shares insight she gained when visiting an Air Force base and witnessing how GVV can be implemented across various sectors.


    2011 Media and Other Publications

    Harvard BusinessPublishing | 2011

    Managing Values Across Cultures: Insights from Values and Leadership Education: A Harvard Business School Symposium with Mary Gentile.
    Various professors and thinkers discuss how business leaders should approach exchanges across cultural boundaries.  

    Harvard BusinessPublishing | 2011

    The Most Overrated Value in Business: Insights from Values and Leadership Education: A Harvard Business School Symposium with Mary Gentile.  

    BusinessEthics | 28 December 2011

    Freedom Riders’ Legacy: Creating a Culture of Common Purpose, by Gael O’Brien.
    “December 2011 brings to a close the official commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Rides. While tolerance, justice and equality in American life and globally continue to beg for champions, the culture the Freedom Riders created offers inspiration on ways people can work together to foster change in society as well as organizations - using mutual respect and support to create a spirit of community united by common purpose, ingredients also found in common purpose companies.”

    Academyof Management Learning & Education | December 2011

    Radio Interview:  Ethics in the Corner Office,  Minnesota Public Radio, December 13, 2011.

    Business Ethics | 23 November 2011

    Campus Crises Highlight Risk Management Weaknesses, Columnist Gael O’Brien on GVV.
    Applies ethics principles from GVV to campus administration when dealing with student protests, both peaceful and violent.

    ComprehensiveBusiness Ethics Course Introduced in India, Celebrate Radio Interview | 20 November 2011

    Dr. Mary Gentile Giving Voice To Values, interviewed by Don Fass.

    Huffington Post | 15 November 2011

    Learning From Penn State to Speak Up, Not Cover Up by Judith Samuelson.
    Op-ed piece on how GVV can be applied in a way to prevent the failure of corporations by reminding students that “following through on professional responsibilities is business as usual.”

    CNET NEWS | 24 October 2011

    Hard Times Bring Out The Ethics in Workers by Dennis O’Reilly. 
    Maintaining morale in difficult times takes honesty and creativity. An organization's values start at the top, but must encompass all employees and contractors.

    The Chronicle of Higher Education | 7 July 2011

    Response by Mary Gentile and President Len Schlesinger (Babson College) to “The Challenge of Putting a Grade on Ethical Learning,” by Peter Schmidt.

    Business Ethics: TheMagazine of Corporate Responsibility | 28 June 2011

    Think Like An Entrepreneur, Act Like a Leader by Gael O’Brien., Globeand Mail | 20 June 2011

    Putting ethics programs in the spotlight by Harvey Schachter.
    “Rather than dictating rules for behaviour, help staff prepare for what to do when values are challenged.”

    Ethics Sage | 7 May 2011

    Business Schools Failing to Teach Ethical Leadership by Steven Mintz states, “One of the best books I’ve read on values-driven leadership is Giving Voice to Values by noted scholar, Mary Gentile.” 

    Axiom BusinessBook Awards | April 2011

    Winner of the 2011  gold medal in the Business Ethics category.

    New York Post | 21 March 2011

    Telling Tales: See wrongdoing on the job? Here’s what you need to know by Brian Moore.
    The pros and cons of 'whistleblowing' by employees of various levels and how one should go about seeking justice. 

    ABC RadioNational,Australia | 24 February 2011 


    Giving Voice To Values Radio Interview on “Life Matters.”   

    I’ | February 2011

    What Are Your Personal Identity Information Values? by George Jenkins.

    Ethics Sage | 21 January 2011 

    Giving Voice To Values: Creating a Values-Driven Organization blog posted by Steven Mintz states, "The common theme that runs through these blogs is that in order to develop an ethical environment, an organization must adopt a values-driven approach to decision making. One of the best books I have read on the subject is Giving Voice to Values by Mary Gentile."


    2010 Media and Other Publications

    New York Post | 19 December 2010 

    A Roundup of Some of 2010’s Notable Career Book by Virginia Backaitis.
    Series of book reviews that touch on the state of low employee morale following the Great Recession and the lack of work and engagement that many were still experiencing. 

    Bhubaneswar, India | 15 December 2010

    International Conference on Demography, Culture and Marketing Inaugurated at XIMB  
    Business leaders discuss how speaking up about ethical issues can help bridge gaps of culture and demography within various workplaces.

    HuffingtonPost | 8 November 2010 

    The Silence of the Workforce by Margaret Heffernan.
    Heffernan speaks on how the GVV pedagogy can be applied beyond the workplaces in smaller scales such as schools and larger scales such as federal government.  

    The New York Times | 23 October 2010

    Does That Request Pass the Smell Test? by Eilene Zimmerman.

    Baseline | 14 October 2010

    The Unethical Workplace  by Dennis McCafferty.  

    LeadershipNow | 6 October 2010 

    Book Review by Michael McKinney. "Giving Voice to Values by Mary Gentile encourages us to think through our values. Most often the kinds of conflicts we will encounter are predictable and are of the ‘right vs. right’ variety more often than the ‘right vs. wrong.’...Giving voice to values is on on-going, skill-building endeavor.  It takes—above all—practice.”  

    CIO Magazine| 29 October 2010

    What We’re Reading article states, “'We usually know when something isn’t the right thing to do,' says Gentile; the tricky part is finding the courage to speak up about it. To help, she combines research and anecdotes to develop general tips—such as recruiting allies—and specific scripts that coach you through delicate situations.” 

    CSRWire | 23 September 2010

    Book Review by Elaine Cohern. Cohern states,”I therefore recommend this book to everyone who works in a business or leads people in business, or more simply put, I recommend it to everyone. Period.”

    BusinessInsider | 22 September 2010

    Get Some Guts and Give Your Boss a Piece of Your Mind by Alyson Shontell.
    “Soften up your target audience by saying things like ‘I was inspired when you did this,’ and suggest what can be learned from previous good examples from that person. Engage them in the process.”  

    Business Ethics | 15 September 2010

    Book Review: Speaking Up For Values in Business by Michael Connor.
    “'Ethical theory and the study of high-level strategic dilemmas are important,' according to Gentile, but 'they don’t help future managers and leaders figure out what to do next – when a boss wants to alter the financial report, or their sales team applies pressure to misrepresent the capabilities of their product, or they witness discrimination against a peer.'"

    FoxBusiness Strategy Room | 14 September 2010 

    Speak Up Without Backlash
    Tracy Byrnes interviews Mary Gentile. Gentile explains the importance of a workplace that encourages employees to voice their concerns.

    Financial Times | 13 September 2010 

    Ethics Teaching Asks The Wrong Questions by Mary Gentile.
    “Students should think about how to do what is ethical and legal, rather than if it’s profitable.”

    WashingtonPost/On Leadership | 8 September 2010 

    The Antidote To Cynicism by Mary Gentile, Guest Insights.
    Gentile lays out an approach to dealing with government and workplace calamities that can often heavily disrupt the flow and function of an organization., Issue 74 | 8 September 2010 

    Reinventing Ethics by Mary Gentile.
    “Instead of asking and answering the questions ‘what is ethical?’ or ‘whether it's possible to be ethical at work?,' what if we asked ‘how can we successfully voice and act on our own values?’”

    Real Simple | September 2010 

    5 Mistakes Everyone Should Make by Amanda Armstrong.
    Gentile is one of five guests interviewed and the mistakes they made on their road to success.

    McKinsey Quarterly | August 2010 

    Voicing Values in the Workplace: An Interview with Mary Gentile.
    Professor Mary Gentile explores ethical dilemmas at work and how to act on them. | 24 August 2010 


    Dealing With Offensive Remarks At Work by Susan Adams.
    The difficult and common questions that challenged Susan Adams are dealt with by Mary Gentile, in her new book, GivingVoice to Values: How to Speak Your Mind When You Know What’s Right, who has spent a lot of time thinking about how workers should navigate such sticky situations. 

    I’ve Been Mugged (blog) | 9 August 2010 

    A Conversation with Mary Gentile by George Jenkins.

    Business Ethics Magazine | 30 July 2010 

    Adding Value and Values to the MBA by Gael O’Brien.
    "The crisis simply made it more obvious that business as usual isn’t working, either in the classroom or boardroom."

    Huffington Post | 15 July 2010 

    Giving Voice to Values: A Response to B.P. by Mary Gentile.
    "Although Mary Gentile's book Giving Voice to Valueswas published years before the B.P. oil spill scandal, the book offers a roadmap for how the spill could have been avoided, if more people spoke up." 

    MarketWatch | 12 June 2010

    The Burden of Knowledge by Mary Gentile.
    Mary Gentile has performed extensive research with business practitioners, researchers and students, and found that there are a few useful lessons that help answer this question: “if we want to use our knowledge and our voice in the service of a fair, transparent and effective market, how would we do so?” 


    GVV Around the World

    GVV is active internationally and growing, with over 1,075 pilots in education, business and fields such as nursing, medicine, law and engineering. In the past quarter, GVV has been featured in the following countries:

    • United States:
      • Education
        • GVV was featured and Mary Gentile was the keynote speaker at the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Annual Convening in partnership with the Better Business Bureau Foundation, Colorado State University, the University of Northern Colorado and the University of Wyoming in Loveland, Colorado.
        • GVV was featured in a program on diversity and inclusion at Pennsylvania State University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
        • GVV was featured at the University of Akron Business School in Akron, Ohio.
        • GVV was featured at the Notre Dame University Mendoza School of Business in South Bend, Indiana. 
        • GVV was featured at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois.
        • GVV was featured at the American Accounting Association in Washington, D.C.
        • GVV was featured in the Legal Profession program at Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law in Villanova, Pennsylvania.
        • Mary Gentile will be a presenter at the SHARP Academy Forum at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas City, Kansas.
          • Attendees include: the US Disciplinary Barracks; international officers from Spain, Germany, Turkey, Canada, Korea, Peru, Britain, France, Japan and Brazil; the installation Sexual Assault Response Coordinators & Victim Advocates; Whiteman Airforce Base; commands and organizations from Fort Leavenworth; representatives from Homeland Security and the Kansas Coalition against Sexual and Domestic Violence in the greater Kansas City area; and the staff, faculty and students of the SHARP Academy.   
        • Mary Gentile will be a part of the faculty at the 2019 Aspen Program for Ethical Healthcare Leadership in September 2019 in Aspen, Colorado.
      • Corporate:
        • GVV was featured at the Aspen Program for Ethical Healthcare Leadership in Aspen, Colorado.
        • GVV was featured at the CFA Institute's Financial Management Seminar in Chicago, Illinois.
        • GVV was featured at The Hennessy Report's 1st Anniversary Celebration and with New England Human Resources Association (NEHRA) board members in Boston, Massachusetts.
        • GVV was featured at a workshop at the International Leadership Association in West Palm Beach, Florida.
        • GVV was featured at the Quorum Annual Convening on how women lead in New York, New York.
        • GVV was featured at the Aspen First Movers Fellowship program in Wye, Maryland.
        • A "Voicing Our Values" refresh training was provided to Lockheed Martin in Washington, D.C.
        • An interactive training and MOOC for Chartered Financial Analyst Institute Members is currently in development.
        • GVV will be featured in professional training for the Wealth Management Institute in Singapore in 2019.


    • United Arab Emirates:
      • GVV will be featured at the Mubadala Group and Etihad Aviation in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in November, 2018.

    Arabic translations of selected GVV materials from Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco will be available in 2019. Watch for more information soon.

    We are also in conversations with educators around the world to enable translations of some of the GVV curriculum into German and Spanish. Please contact Mary Gentile if you have ideas for other translations.