Darden Capital Management

  • The Darden Capital Management Club (DCM) is a student-run organization whose purpose is preparing its membership for careers in investment management and research as well as other functions within the financial markets.

    In 1990, The Darden Foundation recognized that the best preparation for careers in these industries is hands-on investment management experience. Accordingly, the Trustees earmarked $250,000 from the Foundation's overall endowment for active management by Darden students.

    Today, Darden Capital Management's assets under management have grown to over $18 million held in five funds, making it one of the largest programs of its kind. The Cavalier, Darden, Jefferson, Monticello and Rotunda funds are managed independently and provide the opportunity for Darden students to develop skills in investment analysis and portfolio management.

    Additionally, Darden Capital Management sponsors presentations from leading professionals in the investment management, research and larger financial communities to enhance Darden students' learning experience in the classroom and as participants in managing the funds. The Darden Capital Management Club also seeks to assist current Darden students in beginning their careers by maintaining strong contact with the school's alumni currently working in the industry. To this end, the club publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Advisor, which is distributed to alumni and contains the holdings, activity and performance of the five funds as well as selected investment pitches being considered by the funds.


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