• Fund Managers

    Each of the five funds is managed for a full year by a team of Second Year students at the Darden School. Each team consists of one senior portfolio manager and three portfolio managers. In addition to the hands-on experience of managing a significant amount of capital and the opportunity to meet with and present to the Darden School Foundation’s Board of Trustees, the managers receive 4.5 class credits toward their MBA. Managers are selected in February of their First Year on the following criteria:

    • Overall commitment to the club as a First Year.
    • Commitment to stock selection and asset management in general.
    • Recommendations from the previous year’s portfolio managers and analysts.
    • The quality of investment ideas presented to the funds during the first year — both on “Super Sunday” events and in individual fund meetings.
    • An interview with the Darden Capital Management faculty advisor, Robert Conroy.
    • A one-page letter outlining the improvements the applicant would like to make to the club in the coming year and how they would benefit from being involved with the management of the funds.


    All members of Darden Capital Management are encouraged to take advantage of every aspect of the club. Monthly meetings of the club will often feature presentations by industry professionals, résumé and interviewing workshops, and reviews of the funds’ activities (see the Calendar for details). Additionally, each of the five funds welcomes members to attend any of the weekly, individual fund meetings, and the funds strongly encourage students to present investment ideas for consideration. All members will find that attending fund meetings are a valuable way to prepare for the interviewing process.

    Please feel free to contact any of the DCM fund managers with any additional questions.