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    Webinar on "ESG Investing"

    Academic Director Pedro Matos and Professor Mary Margaret Frank discussed their perspectives on environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing.  Over the past several years, the market for ESG and socially responsible investing has exploded. Matos and Frank offer an introduction to the space, review how institutions approach ESG and socially responsible investing around the world, and summarize a recent case study they co-authored about how a new ESG product offered by Goldman Sachs came to life.

    You can watch the presentation here. Click here to view the slides.

    SEC Commissioner Michael Piwowar Visits Darden

    SEC Commissioner Michael Piwowar visits the Darden School of Business as a guest of the Adam Smith Society to discuss the SEC’s mission, capital markets, cybersecurity, the potential of fintech and several other topics.

    Three Things: Preparing for Financial Crisis

    What have we learned in the 10 years since the Great Financial Crisis of 2008 and how can we use that knowledge to forecast future crises? Professor Bob Bruner outlines three reflections to help delay or mitigate future crises.

    The Coming Financial Crisis

    Join Dean Emeritus Bruner in a webinar as he discusses the factors of financial crises.


    Watch key speeches, interviews and event results from a collection of our annual UVIC conferences.

    Mayo Center Insights: November 2017

    Read about the global growth of passive investing in the work of Pedro Matos, Academic Director of the Richard A. Mayo Center for Asset Management. 

    2017 Academic and Practitioner Symposium on Mutual Funds and ETFs

    Watch videos on topics running from the impact of ETFs on the securities lending market to navigating active management in industry headwinds. This event was co-hosted by the Investment Company Institute and the Richard A. Mayo Center for Asset Management. Learn more about the upcoming 2019 symposium.

    Quantitative Easing With Dr. Paul Sheard and Professor Alan Beckenstein

    Watch Dr. Paul Sheard, chief economist of S&P Global, and Darden Professor Alan Beckenstein in a webinar discussion on quantitative easing and what happens when the U.S. stops printing money in a world of unconventional monetary policy.  

    Is Trump's election a Game-changer? with Nick Sargen

    Nick Sargen, chief economist of Fort Washington, discusses whether or not Donald Trump's election will have a long-term impact on US and global financial markets.

    Latest News: Finance & Investing

    The Darden Report offers relevant articles related to the goings-on in the finance and investing world, particularly as it connects to Darden's faculty, students and alumni.

    Alumni Spotlight: Celia Dallas

    Hear from Darden alumna Celia Dallas, chief investment strategist at Cambridge Associates.

    Alumni Spotlight: Katrina Sherrerd

    Hear from Darden alumna Katrina Sherrerd, president and COO of Research Affiliates.

    Alumni Spotlight: John Loverro

    Hear from Darden alumnus John Loverro of Lexington Partners.

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    2017 Mayo Center Reading List

    Building on the Mayo Center Reading List from 2016, we are happy to add new books to the list that seek to answer the question: “What should investors be reading to understand an ever-changing world?”