Social Enterprise

  • Career opportunities in social enterprise and the nonprofit sector are rapidly increasing as MBA students pursue opportunities in companies that develop innovative products and services that have a positive societal impact.

    Whether you are interested in working in microfinance, community foundations, education or global philanthropy, it is critical to have a strong foundation in business leadership and a solid understanding of business fundamentals.


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    The following faculty teach, conduct research or have worked in social enterprise:

    Organizations & Events

    • Net Impact at Darden - Net Impact is dedicated to using the power of business to positively impact social, environmental, and economic concerns across the world.
    • Institute for Business in Society (IBiS) - IBiS is a Darden Center of Excellence that aims to be a leading global catalyst and convener of thought, information, and action at the interface of business and society, and to promote the development of leaders who positively impact society through business.
    • Darden Education Club - The Education Club strives to generate energy, passion, appreciation, and focus around the education industry.
    • Emerging Markets Development Club (EMDC) - EMDC helps students discover how business can impact social change in developing societies.
    • Darden Nonprofit Internship Fund (DNIF) - DNIF is a student-funded program that helps First Year students defray summer living expenses while pursuing low-paying internships in the nonprofit and social sectors.
    • Building Goodness in April (BGiA) - BGiA's mission is to rehabilitate the homes of low-income, elderly, and disabled families in the Charlottesville community.
    • Outreach at Darden - Outreach is Darden's umbrella community service organization that organizes fun activities that leave a positive impact on the world outside of Darden.
    • Community Consultants at Darden - This student organization performs pro-bono consulting engagements in the Charlottesville community.
    • Black Business Student Forum (BBSF) Conference - In 2009, BBSF's annual conference focused on "The Business of Social Change: Using business principles to solve the world's biggest challenges."

    MBA Careers for Change

    In the following video, Darden students share their experiences from their summer MBA internships in sustainability consulting (GreenOrder), K-12 education (Bellweather Education Partners), energy optimization (MKThink), and corporate innovation (Waste Management).


    Still have questions? Feel free to contact the following students and alumni to ask specific questions about energy at Darden or in their careers. For additional contacts, please visit the Darden Student and Alumni Ambassadors list.