Mission Driven Careers

  • Darden has seen an increasing number of MBA students interested in mission-driven careers — focused on such areas as sustainability, education, renewable energy and more. If you are interested in pursuing one of these career paths, you will meet regularly with Margaret Weeks, one of Darden’s career advisors, who will help you identify opportunities and fine-tune your job search strategy. You will also be encouraged to join relevant career-focused student organizations, which create networking opportunities, provide real-world experience and offer career search advice and mentoring.

    You may also want to consider taking advantage of Darden’s Batten Venture Internship Program or Nonprofit Internship Fund, both of which subsidize summer internships for students interested in working for organizations that are not able to pay a full MBA internship salary. This is great way to gain experience in a new industry or job function, prior to starting your full-time job search during the Second Year.

    In the following video, several students share their experiences during their summer internships in sustainability consulting, education, energy optimization, and corporate innovation:

    Students are also able to learn more about professional roles they can consider through a series of career advisory forums, including one that focuses on mission-driven careers. Learn more about the mission-driven forum in the video below:

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