Darden Nonprofit Internship Fund

  • The nonprofit organization is a vital extension of the world of markets and for-profit firms: Nonprofits fill the gaps in free-market solutions to social problems. It takes special skills to create and manage nonprofit organizations — such skills can sharpen the effectiveness of managers in the for-profit world. And most managers will be called to serve on boards or in operational positions for nonprofits.

    For these and other reasons, MBAs should engage and learn from the issues confronting the nonprofit organization.

    —Robert F. Bruner, University Professor, Distinguished Professor of Business Administration and Dean Emeritus of the Darden School of Business

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    Many excellent opportunities exist for MBA internships in the nonprofit and public sectors. Unfortunately, many of these organizations do not have the resources to pay an MBA candidate adequately. This is where the Darden Nonprofit Internship Fund (DNIF) can help.

    DNIF is a program funded by both students and the Darden School that helps First Year students defray summer living expenses while pursuing internships with nonprofit organizations.

    Who Applies to DNIF and Why?

    • Students who are interested in applying their business skills to their local and global community
    • Students who wish to explore a potential career in the nonprofit sector
    • Students who see the DNIF as a way to support a long-term goal of working for nonprofit organizations

    Value of Nonprofit Internships

    MBA candidates from Darden who pursue summer internships in the nonprofit sector provide great benefits both to their host organizations and to our own Darden community.

    Darden First Years who work for nonprofits offer critical management skills to organizations that could otherwise not afford a summer intern. Darden students are known for their deep sense of commitment to society at large, and there are dozens of great nonprofit enterprises that are excited about the MBA talent our students possess.