• How the Darden Community Prepared Me for a Career in Investment Banking

    "Coming to Darden, I knew that I probably wouldn’t find that many people that are like me. On the contrary, I’ve been able to find not only acquaintances but really good friends who share similar interests, similar passions, and values that I hold dear. These people have really been with me all the way.  

    So when it came to recruitment, it was my Darden classmates that helped me when it came to getting ready for the investment banking recruitment cycle. That continued throughout the course of the year, when I would sit in learning team rooms until the wee hours of the morning just going over different questions, getting ready for interview prep, going through the Training the Street programs. It was with my classmates, the classmates that cared enough about me to make sure that I was okay going through the process.  Those are the people that I’m taking with me outside of this program, and it is the class above me, the class with me, and the class below me that I’m now supporting, and all of that has come together as the community that I’m taking with me from Darden."

    — Vida Asiegbu (MBA '15)