• Kaizen Projects in Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing and R&D

    “At the Danaher operating company where we worked on our kaizen project, we increased productivity within the manufacturing cell by 7%. We changed the order of some processes, made tools more easily accessible and incorporated rotating shelves to allow for less travel time within the company cell, essentially reducing the time it takes to assemble a product." - Amanda Gingras (MBA ’12)

    Since 2006, over 150 Darden MBA students have applied what they have learned in class to kaizen (Japanese for continuous improvement) projects around the world with the Danaher Corporation, a global science and technology company. Each kaizen sends a small team of students to a Danaher facility for a one-week on-site experience to work closely with its employees to improve specific issues related to manufacturing, sales, marketing or R&D.

    Learn more by reading " Darden Students Travel the World to Experience Hands-on Continuous Improvement" or by watching the following video: