• Navigating Difficult Waters: Addressing Tough Problems in Business and Society

    What will students gain from this program?

    In this course we will take a look at how business, government and NGOs address tough social and business problems in Singapore and Sri Lanka. These two countries are a study in contrast considering their socioeconomic trajectories, yet both are grappling with compelling challenges.

    In Singapore, we plan to visit a well-developed port which manages a huge flow of global trade and integrates into Singapore’s added value as a global player in supply chain management. We will also learn about their highly respected Central Provident Fund, a compulsive comprehensive savings plan to fund retirement, healthcare, and housing needs. Singapore is also well known for its pioneering work in vertical agriculture, resource management, and incentivisation of startup ventures.

    In contrast, Sri Lanka is still emerging from the brutal civil war that gripped the country from 1983 through 2009. Now a country clearly at peace and extremely safe, the challenges of post-conflict reconciliation, environmental conservation, and the rebuilding of its economy present opportunities to witness creative and complex approaches to social and economic development. Our visits should include the new port in Colombo being developed through Chinese and ancillary foreign investment, the highlands of Kandy where we can learn about natural wildlife protection and the development of a thriving tourism industry, and the historic Buddhist and Hindu sites that reflect the complexity of the country’s social system.

    Faculty Lead

    Marc Modica


    Thursday, 4 January – Saturday, 13 January 2018

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