• "Strategy as Design"

    What will students gain from this program?

    Students will have the opportunity to explore a different side of their brain than we focus on in most Darden courses: the creative side! By exploring the art and architecture of Barcelona — on of the design capitals of the world — students will learn the qualities of creative thinking, and learn to bring that kind of creativity into the business environment.

    Academic Program Overview

    Barcelona’s history and culture are rich and informative. We will focus our attention primarily on a particular period of intense artistic achievement – almost a “perfect storm” of creativity during about a 50-year period before the Spanish Civil War that included a succession of painters including Miro, Picasso, and Dali; architects like Gaudi, Montaner, and Cadafalch, and musicians like Pablo Casals, to name a few.

    We’ll do a number of readings and discussions about the idea of design itself, and examining what constitutes “elegant design.” These discussions will be coupled with many explorations of Barcelona and surrounding areas to observe the art and architecture for ourselves.

    Faculty Lead

    Jeanne Liedtka

    Travel Dates

    Arrival: 12 March 2016

    Departure: 19 March 2016

    Host Institution

    Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Empresas (IESE)

    What have past students said about the program?

    "Loved the course design! Deriving business lessons through design was a real eye opener."

    "I have always loved art and design and I had never before had the opportunity to learn about it. This course was an absolutely fantastic learning experience for me!"