• Darden wants every full-time MBA student to have the opportunity to participate in a global academic experience. With the new Batten Foundation Darden Worldwide Scholarship program, this vision is now a reality.

    Starting with the class arriving August 2018, every student in the full-time MBA program may take one Darden Worldwide Course and receive a scholarship covering all or most of the program fee (depending on the specific course chosen). The program is possible thanks to a generous $15 million gift from the Batten Foundation matched by $15 million from the UVA Bicentennial Scholars Fund.

    With this scholarship, students can choose from courses based in more than two dozen countries on five continents, and the course fee will be covered by the Batten Foundation Darden Worldwide Scholarship.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I participate?

    When students enroll in their first Darden Worldwide Course, they will receive a scholarship to cover the fee for that course. This scholarship includes all lodging, in-country transportation during the course, course activities and some meals. Students will be responsible for their airfare to and from the course location, visas, some meals and other incidental expenses.

    Can I take more than one Darden Worldwide Course?

    Pending space availability, students are able to enroll in multiple Darden Worldwide Courses while attending the Darden School, but will be responsible for paying the course fees associated with those additional courses.

    Can I use this money for some other purpose?

    No, this fund is specifically set up to cover the fee for each student’s first Darden Worldwide Course.

    Who is Eligible?

    Full-time MBA students who start their Darden degree in August 2018 or after. Recipients of other scholarships that cover a Darden Worldwide Course fee and students with corporate sponsorship that covers a Darden Worldwide Course fee are not eligible for a Batten Foundation Darden Worldwide Scholarship.