• NOLS Experiential Leadership Elective

    What will students gain from this program?

    This special elective in experiential leadership education provides students with the opportunity to practice and develop their personal leadership skills in new and uncertain environment. The course is structured around an 8-day NOLS expedition in the beautiful and rugged mountains of Patagonia during Early Q4. Students will spend this time honing practical leadership strategies and technical outdoor skills. On a daily basis, students will be challenged to exercise individual decisiveness while simultaneously facilitating excellent teamwork, skills relevant to both life at Darden and future business success. The weather and terrain in this part of the world can be unpredictable and challenging, however, these conditions build resilience and tolerance for adversity and uncertainty. There will be a strong focus on individual leadership styles and situational leadership during this course. This course will include two Darden classroom sessions prior to the expedition, one session after the expedition has completed, and a final project.

    Academic Program Overview

    This course will begin by teaching students the basics of living and traveling in the back-country and a common framework for leadership. NOLS Instructors will initially role-model leadership in this context, and provide structure and expectations for the student role. Quickly, however, the students will take on much of the expedition leadership. As student competence increases, the instructors will provide coaching, facilitate classes, discussions, and debriefs, and serve as a technical skill "consultants" and risk management overseers. Through the course of daily events in the wilderness, the student group will encounter various challenges- both related to living and traveling in the environment and due to interpersonal dynamics. At the end of each day, the student group will participate in debriefs to maximize learnings from the day’s challenges and to offer and receive feedback.

    Faculty Lead

    Bobby Parmar

    Program Dates

    13–22 March 2019

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