• Ruffin Lectures in Business Ethics

    The Ruffin Lectures in Business Ethics, made possible by the Ruffin Foundation and through ongoing support of the Olsson family, were nationally recognized, academic seminars held in the late 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s. Many of the lectures have been published as a monograph series by the Society for Business Ethics in conjunction with the Olsson Center.

    • Volume 1: New Approaches to Business Ethics
    • Volume 2: Environmental Challenges to Business
    • Volume 3: Business Ethics and Entrepreneurship
    • Volume 4: Business Science and Ethics

    The Ruffin Series in Business Ethics, originally published by Oxford University Press, seeks to integrate the teaching and practice of management more closely with ethics and the humanities. The 16-volume series, along with the four volumes of the Ruffin Lectures, has subsequently been published by the Philosophy Documentation Center.


    • Beyond Success: Corporations and Their Critics in the 1990s, James W. Kuhn and Donald W. Shriver
    • Business as a Humanity, Thomas J. Donaldson and R. Edward Freeman, editors
    • Business Ethics: The State of the Art, R. Edward Freeman, editor
    • Ethics and Agency Theory, Norman E. Bowie and R. Edward Freeman
    • Ethics and Excellence: Cooperation and Integrity in Business, Robert C. Solomon
    • Ethics and Governance: Business as Mediating Institution, Timothy L. Fort
    • The Ethics of International Business, Thomas J. Donaldson
    • Ethics Through Corporate Strategy, Daniel R. Gilbert Jr.
    • The Ethics of International Business, Thomas J. Donaldson
    • Managers vs. Owners: The Struggle for Corporate Control in American Democracy, Allan Kaufman, Lawrence Zacharias and Marvin Karson
    • Moral Imagination and Management Decision-Making, Patricia H. Werhane
    • Organizational Ethics and the Good Life, Edwin M. Hartman
    • The Politics of Ethics, Richard P. Nielsen
    • Rethinking Business Ethics: A Pragmatic Approach, Sandra B. Rosenthal, Rogene A. Buchholz
    • The Twilight of Corporate Strategy: A Comparative Ethical Critique, Daniel R. Gilbert Jr.
    • Values, Nature and Culture in the American Corporation, William C. Frederick
    • Women's Studies and Business Ethics: Toward a New Conversation, Andrea Larson, R. Edward Freeman