Product and Project Management

  • Agile Development Specialization

    Rolling sessions, 4 weeks/course | 2-4 hours/week | audit or purchase courses/specialization

    This specialization is led by Alex Cowan, a Batten Fellow and industry veteran with experience in five entrepreneurial ventures and one ‘intrapreneurial’ venture. His Venture Design framework is widely used by educators and practitioners for disciplined product innovation. Join one course or all five to learn about designing and building software in a high velocity, hypercompetitive operating environment. 

    Getting Started: Agile Meets Design Thinking

    In this course, you’ll learn how to use agile and design thinking to deliver valuable solutions. We’ll look at how these two disciplines are at a critical convergence point and what that means for successful practice. 

    Running Product Design Sprints

    Learn how to give yourself just enough time and just the right focus so you can successfully integrate quality design and testing into your projects. You’ll learn how to establish situation-appropriate plans to learn what you need to know to avoid waste and deliver value. This may mean testing user motivation, interface usability or solution fit. 

    Managing an Agile Team

    What are the day-to-day tools you’ll need as an agile manager? Learn the fundamental tools of agile management and how to apply them in a typical operating environment.

    Testing with Agile

    This course will focus on testing the conceptual agile stack: motivation, usability, architecture and implementation. We’ll look at both traditional and nontraditional approaches to managing quality assurance with agile, and how to manage your team away from stress and towards a test-driven mindset.

    Digital Product Management: Modern Fundamentals

    Rolling sessions, 4 weeks | 4-6 hours/week | audit or purchase course

    Being a product person today is a new game, and product managers are at the center of it. Today, particularly if your product is mostly digital, you might update it several times a day. Massive troves of data are available for making decisions and, at the same time, deep insights into customer motivation and experience are more important than ever. The job of the modern product manager is to charter a direction and create a successful working environment for all the actors involved in product success.  It’s not a simple job or an easy job, but it is a meaningful job where you’ll be learning all the time. This course, also led by Alex Cowan, will help you along your learning journey.

    Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management

    Rolling sessions, 4 weeks | 2-4 hours/week | audit or purchase course

    This popular foundational course taught by Yael Grushka-Cockayne covers the key concepts of planning and executing projects. You will learn how to identify factors that lead to project success, as well as how to plan, analyze and manage projects. In addition, you will learn about state-of-the-art methodologies and how to consider the challenges of various types of projects.


    Rolling sessions, 2 weeks | 1-2 hours/week | audit or purchase course

    Now more than ever, corporations are investing heavily in IT. The quality of these investments affect the daily work of millions, yet it’s not uncommon to see industry surveys where the failure rates for IT projects is over 50%. It’s possible to do better and it’s possible to do so consistently. In this two-week course, we’ll step through major challenges within corporate IT and how to address them with the disciplined use of design thinking, Lean Startup, and agile as a team framework.  


    Rolling sessions, 2 weeks | 1-2 hours/week | audit or purchase course

    Have you ever gotten really excited about reading or writing a business plan? You might have started out excited, but I’m going to bet you didn’t stay that way. Let’s be honest–business plans are boring and mostly ignored. The beauty of the one-page Business Model Canvas is that it drives meaningful focus. It helps us organize our ideas and have better discussions by forcing specificity and bringing linkages between key business drivers to the foreground. Innovation requires one hand being very focused on a fundamental need or problem while the other hand quickly tests different solutions. For this, the Business Model Canvas is very innovation friendly: it's a lot easier to tweak the model and try things with something that's sitting on a single page. In this course, you’ll learn key tools from the worlds of design thinking and Lean Startup to approach the Canvas with thoughtfulness, focus, and above all a test-driven approach to business model innovation.


    Rolling sessions, 3 weeks | 1-2 hours/week | audit or purchase course

    Are you trying to understand data from your research? Learn how and when to conduct mediation, moderation, and conditional indirect effects analyses? Or, perhaps, how to theorize and test your theoretical models? If so, this is the course for you! We will walk you through the steps of conducting multilevel analyses using a real dataset and provide articles and templates designed to facilitate your learning. You'll leave with the tools you need to analyze and interpret the results of the datasets you collect as a researcher.