Resources & Guidelines

  • Our recruiting policies are references for any company recruiting Darden students in the 2019–20 academic year. The goal of these recruiting policies is to provide all employers with a level playing field and a fair process that takes into consideration the needs and requirements of Darden MBA students. We believe that our combination of student and employer policies enables employers to develop valuable long-term relationships with Darden and provides students the maximum number of career opportunities. The Darden School and its Career Development Center appreciate your commitment to hiring talent at Darden and willingness to partner with us.

    The policies in the recruiting guide and outlined below have been developed to provide a fair recruiting process for all students, faculty and corporate recruiters.

    The academic calendar is the main driver of recruiting dates and availability. It is imperative that students have the time and flexibility to perform and uphold their academic commitments. The calendars on pages 5–8 of the recruiting guide provide an overview of key dates for recruiting. The dates marked with an X or blacked out are not available for recruiting and are off-limits to employers.

    Darden students may not miss class or academic commitments for full-time or internship interviews, recruiting events, or travel related to those activities. Employers cannot require a student, as a condition of his or her employment candidacy, to interview at a time that conflicts with his or her individual academic schedule. An employer’s inflexibility on this issue will be considered a violation of Darden’s recruiting policies.

    Second Year (Full-Time) Start Dates

    • Recruiting Events Begin: 3 September 2019
    • Interviews Begin: 30 September 2019

    First Year (Internship) START DATES

    • Recruiting Events Begin: 12 September 2019
    • Interviews Begin: 6 January 2020

    Interviews at Darden


    Darden will provide logistical support to first-round interviews only. Organizations planning to host second-round interviews on-Grounds are responsible for conducting their own scheduling and logistics beyond the first-round. Priority will be given to first-round interviews for interview space. All companies must provide at least one alternate date for students and must be flexible with the student’s previously committed first-round obligations and second-rounds cannot conflict with classes. Darden has video conference capabilities and quiet space available for students to participate in video conference, web-based or phone interviews. Continental breakfast and lunch provided to all interviewers. 

    INTERVIEW invitations

    You may extend invitations to students who have applied for your job opportunity or who have been identified through our resume book, student clubs or personal contacts. Once you’ve chosen your pre-selects, a member of the employer engagement and recruiting team (EER) will notify students of their status. At that point, no invitations can be retracted. If you identify additional candidates to interview, please contact your designated EER contact.

    interview Alternates

    It is best to provide multiple, ranked alternate invitations for each interview schedule.  If your pre-selected candidates do not accept your invitation, their slots will be filled by alternates you have selected.


    At the start of every academic year, each student receives an equal number of bid points, which are used to compete for open slots on interview schedules. To provide equal opportunities and ensure that interested students are not overlooked, Darden requires that 25% of your schedule be open to our student bidding process. If you interview 10% (on average 33 students) or more of the class, the bidding requirement is waived.

    Work Authorization

    When recruiting on-Grounds or creating a job posting, the CDC needs information on work authorization requirements in order to ensure that students understand any constraints placed on positions. Darden has a significant number of international students and if work authorization requirements are not specified, open slots on interview schedules are automatically available to both domestic and international students. For more information regarding hiring international students, we encourage you two reference this easy guide to hiring international graduates and this H-1B filing strategies, exemptions and alternatives document.


    Darden’s grading process does not incorporate a class ranking or GPA, nor will the school disclose grades (i.e. transcripts) to a third party.


    Typically, employers will reimburse students for travel-related expenses for second- and final-round interviews. Students are advised to divide expenses among recruiting companies when more than one company is visited during their trip. 

    Inclement Weather Policy

    If the University of Virginia activates the inclement weather policy, it may impact the day’s interview schedules. If your recruiters are able to travel to Darden, the CDC will make every effort to conduct interviews on that day. 

    Extending Offers

    Full-Time (Second Year) offers

    • Former summer interns are permitted to receive offers at any time.
    • For non-interns: No employment interviews or job offers may be extended prior to the first day of on-Grounds recruiting, which is 30 September 2019.
    • All extended full-time offers will be given a deadline of 30 November 2019 or three weeks, whichever is later, to consider.
    • Alternative dates can be determined if agreed upon by both parties (student and employer). 


    • No initial employer interviews or job offers, whether held on- or off-Grounds, may occur prior to 6 January 2020. 
    • All extended internship offers will be given a deadline of 7 February 2020 or three weeks, whichever is later, to consider the offer. Alternative dates can be determined, if agreed upon by both parties (student and employer).

    Investment Banking Offers

    • Investment Banking internship interviews will begin on 8 January 2019.
    • Offers for Investment Banking internships may be extended after 11 January 2019 at 5 p.m. EDT.
    • First Year students will be given until 31 January 2019 to consider an offer unless a later date is agreed upon by both parties.

    Exploding Offers and withdrawing an offer

    Employers are not to apply undue pressure or unreasonable expectations related to accepting offers. Please note that students are being coached to provide standard answers to these situations and will engage the CDC when appropriate.

    • Hypothetical interview questions (i.e. will you accept if we call at 5 p.m. today?)
    • Exploding offers (i.e. offer is rescinded within a shortened time frame if not accepted)
    • Requiring students to respond to verbal (not written) offers
    • Changes to offer terms

    If an employer must withdraw an offer, contact the Director of Employer Engagement and Recruiting, Casey Floyd, immediately at +1–434–243–4400. This is a serious matter that can significantly harm an employer’s reputation and subsequent ability to recruit students. If a student reneges on an acceptance of employment, contact the Assistant Dean of Career Development, Jeff McNish, at +1–434–297–7971. The Darden faculty and administration consider reneging on an accepted offer unethical. 

    When Policies Are Not Honored


    Our policies were developed using the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ (NACE) Principles for Professional Practice. These policies aim to provide a fair recruiting process for all students, faculty and recruiters, balance students’ and recruiters’ needs and honor the significant commitment of employers making offers to our students. Any disclosure of student information outside of the educational institution will be with prior consent of the student unless health and/or safety considerations necessitate the dissemination of such information. Any company that recruits at Darden must follow these policies. Please share them with anyone at your company who is involved in the recruiting process. Read the full list of NACE’s principles.

    Darden School students are permitted to report non-compliance of recruiting policies. CDC staff will then investigate the matter and communicate directly with the employer. In the case that a matter is not resolved, any of the following corrective actions may be taken based on severity of offense or repeated offenses:

    • Communication from the school to the senior management of the company, informing them of the policy infraction
    • Inclusion for up to three years on student-facing website of Employer Recruiting Violations, describing the infraction
    • Giving less priority to company’s recruiting dates globally vs. competitors in the following year
    • Restriction of the company’s access to students which may include: panel/ industry discussions, corporate presentations, club events, or other recruiting activities
    • Exclusion of the company from on-Grounds recruiting activities

    Darden Alcohol Policy

    For all events that are held on-Grounds that have alcohol, companies must purchase alcohol through the Abbott Center. Externally purchased alcohol is not allowed on the premises. Please read the full alcohol policy.


    The University of Virginia (UVA) is committed to providing a working and learning environment free from unlawful discrimination and harassment. Review UVA’s Policy on Discriminatory Harassment.

    sexual HARASSMENT

    We are committed to providing our students with a safe recruiting environment. The CDC strictly prohibits any acts of sexual harassment and takes reports of such behaviors very seriously. Any reported incident of sexual harassment will revoke on-Grounds recruiting privileges immediately.