• One of Darden's visionary Corporate PartnersEastman Chemical Company, is committed to the success and future of Darden and its students. The company's sponsorship over the past three years has provided recruiting benefits and supported numerous cases that are taught in the First Year MBA program. Eastman is a global specialty chemical company that produces a broad range of advanced materials, additives and functional products, specialty chemicals and fibers that are found in many household products. 

    Eastman hires Darden graduates for its Commercial Leadership Development Program. “We’ve invested a lot in how to create programs that enable coaching, and enable rotations and experience for people,” said Mark Costa, chair and CEO of Eastman, in a recent interview at Darden. “We actively take our top leadership talent who are coming into the company and find rotational programs to give them more experience than they would normally get in an operational company, to accelerate their learning and get exposed to different leaders in the company that accelerates the way they become leaders.” Eastman has also partnered with  Darden Executive Education to redesign its High Performance Leadership Program to develop existing talent within the company. 

    Eastman Chemical's partnership, which began with Darden, has extended to the wider University of Virginia community, including the School of Engineering and the McIntire School of Commerce.