2014 Summit

  • Global Growth and the Next Breakthrough Economy

    9 May 2014

    Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre

    Our hyperconnected, global economy challenges investors to capture opportunity and mitigate risk. In one of the most dynamic cities of Asia and a rising financial center, the University of Virginia Darden School of Business Shanghai Investing Summit drew upon today's leading thinkers and business minds  hosted by Darden's top-ranked faculty  to identify the next best investments in both the large, core emerging markets and in new pockets of performance. The day-long event highlighted new trends and provided actionable investment strategies.

    The event was sponsored by Darden's Center for Global Initiatives and the Center for Asset Management.

    Guest Speakers

    Keynote Speakers:

    • Yifei Li, China Chair, Man Group
    • Xinjun Liang, CEO, Fosun Group

    Featured Speakers:

    • Robert Bruner, Dean, University of Virginia Darden School of Business

    Hedge Fund and Alternatives Outlook:

    • Moderator: John Macfarlane, III, Founding Partner and Chairman, Vinci Zafferano Capital
    • Patrik Edsparr, CIO & co-founder, Tor Investment Management
    • Hua Fan, Head of Fixed Income and Absolute Return Investment Department, China Investment Corporation
    • Fanglu Wang, Senior Managing Director, CITIC Capital

    Breakthrough Investing Opportunities:

    • Moderator: Jerry Peng, CEO, Four Seas Capital Management
    • Jim Cheng, Principal, New Richmond Ventures; former Secretary of Commerce and Trade, Commonwealth of Virginia
    • Qian Jiannong, President of Tourism and Commercial Group; Senior Assistant President of Fosun Group
    • Qing Shan Liu, CEO, Manulife TEDA Fund Management Co.

    Large Institutional Investors' Perspectives on Global Opportunity Panel:

    • Moderator: Larry Kochard, CEO & CIO, University of Virginia Investment Management Company
    • Mark Machlin, President of Asia, CPPIB Asia Inc.